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Fugues and Fugue Sets Large checklist of fugue sets and important fugues written in the last 300 years.

The Anatomy of a Fugue An outline of the substantials of a fugue based on Hugo Norden's "Foundation Studies in Fugue." Topics include counterpoint, subject, answer, and stretto.
Well-Tempered Clavier Index summarizing fugue-by-fugue analysis drawing comparisons from visual arts, physics, mathematics, literature and astronomy. Links to scores with digital sound and many resources on the life and works of Bach, designed for a course at Northern...
Giant Tracks: Suit Canon - Fugue of the A&R Staff The inside story by Jon Rubin on Kevin Gilbert's Suit Fugue from "The Shaming Of The True."
Fugue No. 4: C-Sharp Minor Theological connotations of the piece from the Well-Tempered Clavier Book I with an analysis and performance in Shockwave format. From Sojourn by Timothy A. Smith.
Pacchioni, Giorgio Dedicated to the early counterpoint and particularly to the fugue.
Kunst der Fuge | D. Buxtehude MIDI files Real performance recorded on MIDI files and MIDI sequences on organ and keyboard music.
Kunst der Fuge | Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikowski MIDI files (freely downloadable) of the complete "Swan Lake", "The Seasons", Fugue for piano; also WMA / MP3 files.
Johann Sebastian Bach Detailed biography and comments on his music from Grove Music plus MIDI audio, illustrations, and links from Kunst der Fuge.
Ferruccio Busoni's MIDI Files List of fugues and related pieces, many with audio from Kunst der Fuge.
Argent, Mark (1964- ), English composer and cellist. Biography, performances, works list.
Kunst der Fuge: G.P. da Palestrina The Missas in MIDI files (20~) and links.
Radomia, Mikołajz Free downloads of MIDI audio files of various liturgical settings.
Kunst der Fuge | Johann G. Walther MIDI files (freely downloadable).
Kunst der Fuge | Samuel Barber MIDI files (paid subscription).
Kunst der Fuge | Louis Glass Symphonies 1 and other pieces offered in WMA/MP3 files.
Kunst der Fuge / On Classical Thousands of classical music audio files on the fugue, counterpoint and generic classical music. Over 5,000 listed fugues, fugue theories, analyses, reviews, bibliographies, and tools.
Josquin Des Prez Freely downloadable MIDI files from Kunst der Fuge.
Kunst der Fuge | Heinrich Isaac Missa Carminum offered in MIDI files.
KUNST DER FUGE. Händel page. Free and complete MIDI files of the fuguistic compositions, 'Messiah' included.
Pedro de Escobar Freely downloadable MIDI audio files from On Classical/Kunst der Fuge.
John Hilton Sequenced MIDI audio files of rounds from On Classical/Kunst der Fuge.
Mikhael Ivanovic Glinka Freely downloadable MIDI files from On Classical/Kunst der Fuge.
Kunst der Fuge | Gustav Mahler MIDI files, and WMA/MP3 files.
Kunst der Fuge | Johann Jakob Froberger Fourteen Ricercaries (Ricercari): live performance by Alessandro Simonetto.
Claude Gervaise Sequenced MIDI audio of selected dance pieces from On Classical/Kunst der Fuge.
Kunst der Fuge | Anton Bruckner Symphonies (4, 7-8) and other music offered in MIDI files (paid subscription).
Juan del Encina Freely downloadable MIDI audio files from On Classical/Kunst der Fuge.
Kunst der Fuge | Aleksander Glazunov MIDI files (free download).
Kunst der Fuge | Hugo Distler MIDI files (free download).


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