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March Strathspey and Reel Guide Tempo Calculator A site that allows the calculation of guide march, strathspey and reel tempos based upon data gathered from over 280 Grade 1 standard digitally recorded performances from 1987 to present. Also provided are data on MSR tempo trends over the years.

On Da Beat Records We are a musically diverse company whose primary focus is to provide music lovers a unique and different musical experience.
A Tempo Music: Music Engravers Using Finale and Sibelius software. Description of services. Based in The Netherlands.
Dance and Listen Ltd Strict tempo ballroom dance music producer in the UK, specializing in standard (modern) and Latin music. Bebel Gilberto - Tanto Tempo Jerry Del Colliano reviews the album and rates it 8.5 out of 10. "It is dripping with style and wonderfully recorded."
Tempo FM's PartyZone Listen online to a radio show with trance, house, dance and club music beat mixed by the Belgian DJ Jimmy Degreef. Both small and broadband versions.
X-Tempo Zone X-Tempo Designs, LLC is an independent, creatively led company dedicated to serving audio pros and hobbyists alike. The pok has the distinction of being born and bred by the need of self-recording producers and others using Mac and PC-based DAW...
Tempo Italiano with John Richetta A syndicated radio program of Italian music via RealAudio and live on the air Sundays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on WEST AM 1400, in Easton, Pennsylvania.
Afterbirth Chicago based trance-rock musician. Site includes news, audio samples, discography, and photos.
Dancevibes Dance and trance music mixed by DJ Mike Foston. Mix of dance, trance, house and retro every week on Tempo FM.
Dancevibes One hour of pure dance, trance & house music live on Radio Tempo FM and 24/7 on the web. By dj Mike Foston. Forum, gallery
Tempo Tantrum South West London based Drum and Bass / Breaks label.
Go Little Records Featuring lo-fi daredevils Alien Tempo Experiment. News, media downloads, shop, and contact information.
Motion: Tanto Tempo A review of the album with fan comments, streaming MP3 clips, and a list of recommended albums.
Romitelli, Fausto (1963- ), Gorizia, Italy. Biography and discussion of 'La Sabbia del Tempo' (1991), from the Gaudeamus Foundation.
Tempo International A Western Australian based distribution company and parallel importers. We supply a wide range of products and labels including CDs and DVDs.
Texas Tempo A Sweet Adeline's group out of Fort Worth, Texas made up of about 20 women who love to sing.
20Hz A label of THZ-Media Group located in San Francisco, USA. Releases Techno, House, Down-tempo and Jungle tracks. Focused on experimental sound.
Tempo Toppers, The Rock'n'roll/rockabilly/garage/pop band from Norway. Site includes profiles, gig dates, discography, sound files, history, and photos.
VoyagerRadio Station broadcasts downtempo, chillout, dub and drum 'n' bass.
Fly Seville, The A four piece mid tempo pop band from Boston. Site includes band history, news, pictures, tour dates, and links.
Custom Click Tracks Adds a metronome to your MIDI music and makes an audio CD whose tracks correspond to your drill moves. The CD includes cues, count-in beats, and meter and tempo changes.
Ziriguiboom: Bebel Gilberto "Tanto Tempo" Record label's site featuring a biography, streaming RealAudio files, photographs, and press articles in French and English.
Point of Good Origins Ambient, down-tempo electronica from this solo artist in Edinburgh, Scotland. Music Services available. MP3s, biography, pictures, and store. Bebel Gilberto Features a biography and commentary.
Timing Progression Theory Improvisational and atonal music played along four-beat base with constant tempo presented by Aratori. Includes MP3 sound.
Dutulescu, Emil Cocktail piano music. Biography, hiring information, and photos.
Bach's Notation of Tempo and Early-Music Performance: Some Reconsiderations Revisitation of the ongoing debate among factions of early music artists attempts to ascertain the more "historically correct" time signature for the composer's works. Includes endnotes, chart, and links.
CMJ: Frestonia Alex Ellerson's review: "imagine a more mid-tempo Smithereens with strings and less raucous guitar."
Career in Music The Arranger arranges the many parts of a musical composition. Voice, harmonic structure, instrument, tempo, rhythm, and tone balance are all taken into consideration in order to attain the intended composition.


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