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Erik's Bootlegs CD-R trading site favoring Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Beck, REM, Radiohead, Weezer and NIN

Stormrider Tape Trading Trading metal music: video and a little audio.
Crazy D's Pink Floyd Bootleg Site Live concerts (roio or bootleg) in MP3 format.
Bootleg Manifesto/FAQ This FAQ discusses bootleg recordings, what they are, the good things about them, and the bad things about them. Even though the practice of bootlegging is illegal, the discussion of bootlegging is not, as free speech is protected by the First...
Blase's Bootleg Trading A site dedicated to my hobby of collecting live and rare music of bands such as Pink Floyd, the Beatles, the White Stripes, Nirvana, and others in CD format. Come in to set up a trade!
Glenn's CDR Trading Site Trading hard, classic and soft rock, alternative and other types of music.
Metal Bootleg Videos Thrash, Black, Death metal - both NTSC and Pal systems.
What Is a Bootleg The main goal of our site is to be a complete and accurate historical library of every Bob Dylan bootleg LP album and commercially available CD to exist. We now chronicle approximately 97% of all LPs ever produced, and about 85% of all CDs. It is...
Pearl Jam Bootleg CD Discography Comprehensive listing of Pearl Jam bootleg CDs in circulation as of August 1999. No longer updated.
Bukowski's PAL Bootleg Videos Bootleg videos in PAL format. Bands include Tool, A Perfect Circle, Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, Guns N' Roses and Hole.
The Promise Springsteen bootleg reviews.
Melissa Etheridge Live bootleg trade list Melissa Etheridge Bootleg Trade List
Rogier's Police Page Look through items for trade and sale, as well as discography and general information.
Rogier van der Gugten CDs, records, tapes, videos, magazines, memorabilia.
The Pink Floyd Vinyl Bootleg Guide A guide to collecting Pink Floyd vinyl bootlegs with hundreds of pages and pictures, including a history of bootleg labels.
Beatles Recording Timeline A chronology of The Beatles' recording history, including both bootleg and legitimate album tracks, with session notes.
Asmus U2 bootleg trade page European site that offers U2 (and other) bootleg trading on CD, audio cassette, and PAL video.
The Trade Place to post and find users live music lists. You can find lists to many artists/bands/groups.
Pink Floyd RoIO Database Index of unofficial/bootleg recordings of the band.
Sabrewulf's Bootleg TradeList Trades CD-Rs, VCDs, and VHS tapes of concert performances. Mainly heavy metal and hard rock band.
Alice in Chains Bootleg Information Track information, CD length, recording dates, content and covers for "legitimate" AIC bootlegs.
Bootleg Booze Records Swedish label. Artists include The Deadbeats, Electric Frankenstein and Crossfire. News, catalog and ordering information.
Tool - Thirdeye News, lyrics, audio and video files, pictures, biographical information, and links.
The Doors Quarterly Online Unofficial fan club. City guides, interviews, magazine, forum, and chat room.
Paule's Iron Maiden bootleg trading Iron Maiden Video DVD and Audio trading. Also Bruce Dickinson Nightwish, Metallica and Blind Guardian boots are welcome.
The Alternative George Michael Descriptions and track listings for George Michael bootlegs, mostly live recordings from around the world.
Tumbling Dijs Rolling Stones Page Offers group photographs edited in different photo-edit programs to make some kind of "art."
Melusine's CD-R Bootleg Trading Page Trading Tori Amos, Ani Difranco, Smashing Pumpkins, REM, Radiohead, U2, Suzanne Vega, Beth Orton, Weezer, and Heather Nova.
The Who Collection Discographies, videographies, and bootleg information.
U2 Is That All? Lyrics, set lists and bootleg concerts trading.


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