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Biab Styles

Jim's Page Real Audio clips, original songs, midi files created with Band in a Box, and related musical links.

Biab Styles with Bends Information on how to create a Band in a Box style from a MIDI file.
Music Styles List This site serves as your guide for everything music.
New music in classical styles New music compositions in midi audio format written in the styles of classical, baroque or other traditional styles, w/ emphasis on counterpoint.
Styles Music Styles Music is conveniently located on the NW corner of Towne Ave. & Foothill Blvd in Pomona, CA, in the Staples / CVS shopping center.
Music With Styles Music With Styles has you covered with many different reception package options.
Baldingen, Markus From Bonn, Germany. Jazz related. Band-In-A-Box files, sheet music and pictures.
Fiddling around the World A comparison of traditional fiddle styles from all around the world, with descriptions of instruments, playing styles, types of tune, history of the style, and most influential players.
Styles Music Music instrument Store, Guitars, Keyboards, Instruments, Recording, Live Sound and DJ Equipment.
Electronic Music Styles Techno music is a type of music that came into being due to the improvements in musical instrument, combinations of advancements in technology and the creativity by musicians.
TuraTempla TuraTempla is a cyber gothic project in which several musicians make songs in the styles of VNV Nation, Mesh etc. Styles varieing from Cyber to Noise and Industrial all are in TuraTempla soundscape.
Ralf Schiller's KORG i30 Page User information features arrangements, styles, programs, downloads, and discussion forum.
University of California Women's Chorale The UC Women's Chorale is part of the University of California Choral Ensembles. Our repetoir stems from various styles of music: from classical selections to modern styles.
Music Styles DJ's Welcome to the Music Styles DJ's website where we provide your "Music entertainment in style."
Styles of Music For its time, Baroque was crazy and uninhibited. The music of this period is emotional and filled with little frills and decorations that shocked and amazed its listeners.
Votel, Andy Review of the debut album 'Styles Of The Unexpected' by the Twisted Nerve Records founder.
Music World 1000 Music World 1000 is committed to build the ultimate directory of all genres and styles of music.
Bimodalism: A New Dimension and Ethos in Harmony A new school of music. A new school of harmony in 20th century music. First developed as a recognizable system in the 1950s by the composer Enrique Ubieta, Bimodalism is a modern alternative to atonal and other progammatic styles of composition.... Midi files of Persian songs.
Music Web Hunter: Styles & Genres Ken Davies has grouped resources in five categories: classical, folk/ethnic/world, jazz, musicals/operas/theater, and pop/rock/country.
Styles and History of Music It is a daunting task to memorize all of the history involved with classical music, so we have provided here a guide to classical music that is easy to understand and absorb.
Music Technology The term music technology actually refers to the devices, techniques, styles, or effects which music artists use to enhance or even create a musical piece.
Bluegrass Guitar A source of information about the acoustic flat-top guitar and the playing styles used in bluegrass music.
Bluegrass Guitar A source of information about the acoustic flat-top guitar and the playing styles used in bluegrass music.
Fink, Bob New music composed in classical and other traditional tonal styles. Reviews, sheetmusic and MP3 downloads available.
mfiles: Composers Classical, contemporary, and film Composers, with biographies, major works, influences and styles, CD reviews, free sheet music, MIDI and MP3 files.
The Method Behind the Music A resource for music theory, music history, the physics of musical sound, and conducting.
Electromeda Magazine focussing on all styles of electronic music.
The Method Behind the Music The Method Behind the Music is a resource for information on music theory, conducting, the physics of sound, and the history of music. The Method Behind the Music was created in 1999 by Ben Hollis, Kate Bankson, and Chris Gillotti for the...
Baroque Music Humorous introduction: styles, dates, musicians.


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