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ArtistDirect: Arab Strap Resource for links, CDs, biographies, homepages, contests, tour dates and sound samples.
Arab Alliance of Women in Music Non-profite organization dedicated to the awareness of the contributions of female Arab musicians.
Farid El Atrash Arab composer, Oud player and actor.
Regional Music-Music of Arab Countries Music of Arab Countries,A description of Arabic Music in all the arabic countries in the Middle East and North Africa.
Aswat Arabic Choir An Arabic language choir in San Francisco, California that is open to all interested in the vocal music of the Arab world. Events, schedule, and contact information.
Al Jadid Magazine: Marcel Khalife Discusses the New and the Old in Arabic Music An article on the "rationalization" of Arab music written by Khalife and translated by Elie Chalala.
Iron Sheik, The Arab-American hip-hop artist. Lyrics, pictures, performance dates, and audio samples.
Chemikal Underground Records Glasgow, Scotland record label started by the Delgados. Other artists include Arab Strap, Mogwai, Bis, Radar Bros, Cha Cha Cohen, Aerogramme, Magoo, and Suckle. News, mailing list, label history, artist pages.
iq451: Arab Strap Links to CD and live reviews.
4Arabs Music Offers streaming RealAudio files of Arabic music. Members site has more files, and chat and message forum.
Splendid E-zine: Arab Strap - The Red Thread Theodore Defosse's review: "I am certain that the songs on The Red Thread could have been better if the group had bypassed its trademark vocal style and actually played along with the lyrics".
The Arab Alliance of Women in Music The Arab Alliance of Women in Music(AAWM) based in Jordan is devoted to fulfilling the purposes of creativity and communication in music, traditional and contemporary music. The AAWM was created on November 25,1998 and registered with the...
Pitchfork: Arab Strap - The Red Thread Camilo Arturo Leslie's review: "Moffat's gift for both eulogy and bile, and for making the unpalatable much less so is striking, repetition be damned." Rated 6.9.
Marcel Khalife - Nagam Cultural Project Includes selections of Khalife's work, picture album and critical reviews.
Flak Magazine: Arab Strap - The Red Thread Eric Wittmershaus' review: "a collection of tunes worthy of owning for the presence of more than two or three good songs and a bunch of run-of-the-mill musical soup."
Launch Kadim Al-Sahir Group Message board with chat and photos.
Crazy about Fairouz Yahoo group for the fans of the singer. Offers a forum. RealAudio files of popular Arab songs by Wael Keffori, Fadhel Shaker, Diana Haddad, and others.
Dot Music: Arab Strap - The Red Thread Stephen Jelbert's review: "the Falkirk miserabilists' fifth album is really more of the same" Rated 3.5.
Brahem, Anouar An oud (the lute of the Arab world) player from Halfaouine in the Medina of Tunis. Discography features solo and ensemble recordings.
Sick Lipstick, The Band from Toronto, Canada with ex members of Black Cat #13. Would appeal to fans of Huggy Bear, Screamers, Arab On Radar, Le Shok.
Sick Lipstick, The Band from Toronto, Canada with ex members of Black Cat #13. Would appeal to fans of Huggy Bear, Screamers, Arab On Radar, Le Shok.
Fairouz Ultimate Site A fan's homage to Fairouz, with articles, songs, wallpapers, and access to Yahoo groups about the singer.
LionCave Featuring a collection of links to live Arabic and International music Shoutcast streams, plus television stations, newspapers, and other related links.
Ain Arab (The Spring) A journal of Jameel Abraham's experiments with making Turkish-style ouds. Includes step-by-step pictures and description.
Dadaprod A French label in favour of free music.
Almost Cool: Arab Strap - Mad For Sadness Aaron Coleman's review: "great in terms of both capturing a live performance, as well as the sound of the group." Rated 7.75.
NME: Arab Strap - The Red Thread Piers Martin's review: "a frequently beautiful record, as dark and twisted and funny as anything the band have ever produced." Rated 7 out of 10.
Dubai Pipe Band (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) History and mission of this band, including roster and contact information.
Jas's-- Middle Eastern Rhythms FAQ ASCII text renditions of Arab-style doumbek rhythms with MIDI examples of some.


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