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215 Music and Media A label and publishing company focused on branding itself as a world class Smooth Jazz and Adult Music Mecca.
Bop City Records A company oriented to the genre, focused on services to producers and singers who are looking for a friendly alternative to the major labels.
Acoustic Records Norwegian label offering CDs, photos, reviews, and profiles of Scandinavian artists whose recordings are available for sale.
Deep Six Records Bands such as Infest, Man is the Bastard, Manchurian Candidates, Hawg Jaw, Lack of Interest, and Ruido. Hardcore music.
DSS Records An independent label for Oi, streetpunk, streetrock, ska and skinhead rock 'n' roll.
Detroit Underground, Inc. Detroit, USA Punk label. Artists include Cheetah Chrome, The Real Kids, and Unnatural Axe. Discography, press, and order information.
Electric Human Project Grind/emo/hardcore record label from Delaware. Also a distributor and puts on shows.
Ericrock A small New England, USA indie company. Also dedicated to showpromotions as Ericrock.
Fastmusic Punk community network and label with an online store, tour dates, photos, reviews, interviews, biographies and links.
Free Election Records Minneapolis record label featuring Work of Saws, The Owls, Kid Dakota, Florida, The Ashtray Hearts, Mike Brady and Quillan Roe. With news, artist profiles and show dates.
Fight 45 Records Label and distributor of 80s UK punk re-issue records from bands in the like of Obnoxious, Oi Pollloi, Truth Decay, Chaos UK and Aus Rotten. News and gig dates.
Formula 13 Records Home of Tempe Tramps, Daggers and Gone Bats. Trashy, garage punk rock.
Facedown Records Record label home to Sinai Beach, Falling Cycle, Overcome, Figure 4, the Deal, and the Comeback Kid. News, on-line store, tour dates and MP3 downloads.
Good Clean Fun Records Ska/punk label based in Wales.
G7 Welcoming Committee Records A collectively owned and operated independent media outlet whose main function is to produce and distribute music by and for people working for radical social change. Home to Propagandhi and I Spy.
Havoc Records and Distribution A label from MN that focuses on 7" EPs heavily influenced by mid-80's punk rock.
Hotspur Records An indie label featuring post punk power pop bands like Bullyproof and In Harm's Way and hardcore and straight edge bands like Jaded.
Indecision Records Record Label home to Faded Grey, Throwdown, Stay Gold, Over My Dead Body, Count Me Out, Unbroken, and Ensign. Features band pages, MP3 downloads, on-line store and news.
King of Sticks San Francisco-based punk and indie rock label. Featuring biographies, pictures and MP3s, from bands such as Spackle, Lo Han, Guilt Trip City and Oahu.
Louder Net Chicago bands MP3s. An MP3 distributor, dealing with punk, alternative and indie bands.
Limekiln Records Label for bands such as Metroplex and The English system based in Philadelphia. News, show dates and MP3s downloads.
Lemniscate Sound Covering bands like Germbox, Many Series and Quitters.
Livewire Records Featuring hardcore and straightedge bands such as Eleven Thirty Four, The First Step, John Henry Holiday and Some May Say. With press releases, news, audio and video clips.
Nitro Records The Offspring's front man, Dexter Holland, started Nitro Records in 1994. Based in Huntington Beach-California, the roster includes The Vandals, A.F.I., Guttermouth, Jughead's Revenge, and One Hit Wonder.
No Concesssions Rds Punk/hardcore/underground pop label based in London, UK with free MP3s, information about bands and other punk projects.
Oneohfive Records Hardcore/Punk indie label based in New York, USA. Artists include Madeline Ferguson and Misled by Lies. Discography, ordering, and contact details.
Preposterous Records Non profit label, located in Eastern Washington.
Poop Fling Records Home of the fast, old school punk and ska label. Currently has releases for Punching Judy.
Poop Dog Records Independent punk record label, with artists such as the Irish Hot Dogs and Feral.
Poser Records Austin, Texas label home to F.O.A.D., Meat Transport and Beg to Differ. Includes band profiles, pictures and show dates.


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