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Sound Surgery Records Specializes in Breakbeat. News, reviews, audio, shop, and contact information. Based in the United Kingdom.

Sevenhalf London, United Kingdom-based independent company and production team, focused on Electronica and Pop.
Thinner Free Mp3 label providing Dubtechno, Dubhouse, and Deep Techhouse as well as cold minimalistics.
Visionary Music and Multimedia Independent label featuring Ambient, Cyber-shamanic, Dna, Aien, Trance, intelligent Techno, Rave, Jungle, Tribal, and Progressive Electronic. Includes MP3s and RealAudio.
WE Records Based in Houston, Texas, USA. Releases the Please Rewind and Play Again series of compilations.
Worm Interface Experimental electronica music from London with online ordering and streaming audio. Home of alt.frequencies, Jake Mandell, Solar X, Plod, Himuro, Fort Lauderdale, Baraki, Gimmik, Plasmalamp, Koichi, Freeform, Sandspider, and Dunderhea.
Squealer Music Record label with an international roster of refuseniks and experimentalists including High Rise, Spatula, William Hooker, Tono-Bungay, the Last Days of May, Charles Curtis, the Gold Sparkle Band, the Tower Recordings and others. Focused on...
Sniffle Records Bringing the music, artists, and recordings from this label and Pamplemousse Studios to a wider audience. Artists include Jean-Michel Dupont, Sir Walter Raleigh's Folly, And the Bride wore Black, Chris Ancille, and DJ Slipnott & MC Ghetto.
Systorm Technologies An experimental electronic record label based in New York City. Site contains artist profiles, MP3s, news, and an online store.
SHADETEk Records An independent experimental electronic label out of NYC and division of Change Agent group. With news, releases, live dates, downloads, and merchandise.
Sloppy Abortion Records A noise and experimental label based in Jacksonville, Florida. Artists include Whimsical Fetus, The Smocks, Fuzzy Bunnies, and Mafia Dumptruck.
Dead CEO Media Chicago label and distributor of experimental music CDs, CDRs, vinyl and zines. With upcoming shows, catalog, background, and store.
eRRatic Music Aims to support Underground music from all over the world. Currently home to artist Sergio Montoya.
Fecal Productions Studio and label located in Michigan. With pictures, releases, sound samples, and shopping.
IBOL Records Indie Noise, Experimental, and Ambient label. Artists include Requiem, Circuit Wound, and Manherringbone. Catalog, mailing list, and contact information.
Kaaos Artists include Coil, Niko Skorpio, and Clop Neplat. Audio clips, photos, and links.
Liquid Death / Hello Pussy Records An fledgling independent record label specializing in experimental, noise, and rock music. With releases and links.
Lantern Records Artists include Bill and John Storch, SoulXpress, and Hillbilly Heart. News, audio clips, discography, and links.
Mockbrawn Records Home of Cortex Bomb, Caliche Con Carne, and other experimental music. PLus information about the Tucson music scene, record reviews, and local show lists.
Mulatta Records New experimental CD label that intends to bring you music both challenging and bizarre. It's co-directed by Ayo Osinibi, who runs New York's most interesting record store, Multi Kulti, and composer/performer Dave Soldier.
Magic Carpet Records Rare collectable CDs and vinyl from projects such as Magic Carpet, Alisha Through the Looking Glass, Mirror Image, Clem Alford, Alisha Sufit, and Anglo Indian.
Meat Box Records A showcase for audio and visual arts of numerous styles, including noisecore, industrial, new age, and various ambient forms. Artists include Ground Chuck, Dismembered Member, and Satan's Nuts, as well as collaborations with Timmy Orangeburg.
Miq Productions San Francisco label hosting the world music artists Kinetik Trance, 3Spell, and Basquerole and the experimental artists Kaderci, Warrior Caste, Intervals, Mech, and Kasosei.
Mishap Productions A California-based underground music label. Includes background information, reviews, MP3 downloads, and e-zine.
Pecho Grande Music Releasing music from projects such as Atrium, Scary Faeries, All Stars on Parade, and Sailboats. With news, song downloads, and release information.
Pricilia: Records Improvised music label based in Nancy, France.
Pleasant Green Records Athens, Georgia, USA independent label. Artists include Volare, Rascal Reporters, Surprise, and Echolyn. Catalog, news, and ordering information.
Quinnah Records Chicago born micro-label with creative improvised music, energetic free jazz, and punk rock experimentalist offerings. Releases include several Ken Vandermark projects, Weasel Walter's Flying Luttenbachers, NRG Ensemble, and Scissor Girls.
Quodlibet Recordings Official home page for Ed Chang/Blindfold, Spin-17, Dual as well as music, essays and compositions by Ed Chang.
Resident Art Media Independent record label in Louisville, Kentucky area dedicated new ideas from artists, experimental, ambient, idm and metal musicians, and digital photography. With news, releases, artist profiles and links.


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