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Richard Smith Rocks "My goal is to entertain the masses of people throughout the world." I was born in Leicester, UK, on 22 June 1958. My father, Allan, and my mother, Janet, were both born in England. My mother met my father in Leicester in 1955 when he was a...

theSYNCreport The Sync Report is a comprehensive directory that allows you find out who's looking after the music licensing for hundreds of current TV Shows, Films, Brands, Trailer Houses and Video Games. If you're an up-and-coming or established Artist,...
Blinds in Style is Creating Better Dressed Windows in Sydney Decorating isn't the only factor when choosing blinds. There are other things to consider like black-out capability, easy clean features, extra insulation, color matching, and more. When it comes to blinds that are versatile and easy, both to use...
Musicians Classifieds Australia Australia musicians classifieds. You can join a band! Find a drummer, bass player, guitarist or any other type of musician! Buy and sell musical equipment! All for free!
MiCardz The songs have a deeply personal, dark but also humorous tone, and some are complemented with poetic vocals.
Laura Somerville Music Laura Somerville is a cinematic songwriter, a screen composer and a music producer from Sydney, Australia.
Music Tech Academy Music Tech Academy is an independent learning institution with a focus on cutting edge Music Technology, Production, DJ'ing, Recording, Mixing and Mastering.
DJs makes it easy to connect with and book professional top-rated DJs of the nation.
Resources for Teaching Music Composition Here are some quality music lesson plans for teaching music composition - a great free music lesson idea for creating a commercial jingle in class.
Music Arrangers Welcome to the reference to musical instruments.
Types of music Music is an art form that uses sound as medium in time and space.
Welcome to Music Welcome to our website and if this is your first visit please have a browse at our huge range of resources and services, all designed to make teaching music easy and fun.
Music People Music People is a company that specialises in booking, marketing, managing and settling musical events.
History of Music As emerging new styles joined without replacing established trends in jazz, the jazz experience increased in complexity and sophistication, although hardly in popularity.
Fun Music Company We create teaching resources for music, all with a fun emphasis and which are created and reviewed by the best music educators worldwide.
learn Music Arranging The Graham Lloyd Music packages enable Musicians and Music Teachers to thoroughly learn Harmony and Arranging, be able to do so in the comfort of their own homes and at a time that suits their personal availability.
Vocal Music Hindustani & Carnatic music are the two main poles of classical Indian music. BOth music styles have the same origin & sources according to ancient scriptures but they have many differences too.
Musical Instruments Musical instruments are used for the purpose of making music. Our website was created to bring musical instruments to your computer! You won't need to install any software, all you will need is your computer keyboard and mouse to learn and play...
Film & TV Music Agents and Managers The following is a list of agents and managers who work with film and television music profession After each agency listing are the name(s) of the principal contact people or agents at each agency.
Music Chart Music Chart provides historical records of ITunes music charts for a number of countries around the world including Australia, UK, US, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Sweden and France. We also track country specific song charts for many genres like...
Music distribution We deliver music content to more than 130 well-known and established international platforms for legal music downloads and ringtone outlets: iTunes, AOL, MusicNet, Rhapsody, eMusic, Amazon, Napster and Beatport, to name just a few.
Music Technology Matters At Music Technology Matters, I specialize in providing one-on-one or group training, support and professional development for studio, classroom and instrumental teachers, as well as musicians and music hobbyists.
Music Technology Matters At Music Technology Matters, I specialize in providing one-on-one or group training, support and professional development for studio, classroom and instrumental teachers, as well as musicians and music hobbyists.
Welcome to Griffin Music Education Hello and welcome to my site. I have been involved with music education for more than 25-years in Australia, England and Dubai and now travel with the mission of inspiring school students and staffs to learn smarter. Recently, I have given...
Contemporary and classical composers If you are looking for a certain composer either classical or a living one. MusicaNeo composers catalogue is where you start your search. The whole list is alphabetically arranged and currently contains 8112 names.
80's Music Forum Welcome to 80's Music Forum. Our site offers a discussion forum of 80’ music, artists and latest news about them. The genres discussed here are Top 40, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Dance, Country, New Wave, Rock, Alternative Rock, Hi-NRG, FreeStyle,...
Music Education In Schools Music in schools and quality school music programs has been Musica Viva's passion since 1981. In 2013, we're thrilled to once again bring high quality live music to schools right across the country.
About Vocal Music Education Vocal Music Education promotes a very special program designed to help those who want to learn how to sing professionally in just three months. This 90-day vocal music course is created and designed by Ben Noynay, a very dedicated vocal music...
Music and Technology Hello and welcome to my website, I have created this website to portray my skills and knownledge of music and technology. This website will be used as assessment for my year 12 Music Extension course of 2013.
Online Music Competition for Music Teachers Many of our best resources and upgrades have come about because of direct suggestions from music teachers and parents just like you. We’re always looking to improve further, so we’re having an exciting new contest!


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