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Female BluesRock Vocalist/songwriter Her roots are BluesRock but works all genres. A Vocalist/Songwriter with a dynamic sound and huge range - original music has quite a bit of spiritual overtones and edge. Pro fem BluesRock Vocalist with edge. 35 years, huge range, powerhouse...

Vocal Singing Tips Vocal Singing Tips has been created to help people learn how to sing or become more competent.
Introducing Vocal Singing Tips Singing is something very special and powerful. Those who take their passion for singing and turn it into a real strength are destined for an extraordinary life.
Jackson thriller executive signed ,cd radio airplay, marketing get your cd marketed and promoted with radio airplay, national distribution, online and offline marketing and promotions personally from one of the marketing and promotions executives of michael jacksons thriller, bad and off the wall albums,...
Ronan's Online Karaoke Here you can sing along to all your favorite tunes all from within the comfort of your very own home, office, or computer lab. So what are you waiting for? Grab the mic (or pen, hairbrush or banana) and get singing. Heck we'll even let you play...
World Around Songs Pocket sized and larger songbooks with folk songs from America and around the world. Also custom songbooks for Girl Scouts, 4-h, Schools, Camps, Church groups, etc.
Vocal Ease Studio Supplies Vocal studio supplies. Vocal technique books, breathing aids, vocal posters, vocalise cds and more, for sale.
Dwayne's Singing Page Singing tips, books on singing, vibrato, and how to sing, as well as vocal technique.
Sing Like A Pro Ebook for sale by Elisha Ewonchuk professional singer and karaoke host.
Overtones Researches Articles in English and French by TrĂ¢n Quang Hai and others.
Vocal Reduction Reduces the lead vocals from CD recordings for "vocal elimination". Creates custom karaoke recording.
Vocal Splendor Articles, Resources, Repertoire and more for the voice teacher and/or student.
SingersHealth An online resource for singers and voice teachers seeking information on vocal health and wellness.
Vocalist International Mailing list and free resource for singers and voice teachers with printable sheet music for piano and voice, perfect pitch and self hypnosis for musicians. Vocal training and technique, audition advice from directors and much more.
The Singer's Page Provides helpful resources, information, and tips for the singer. Information on the voice mechanism, relaxation, posture, breath, practicing tips, vocal health, and links to helpful resources.
BriVocals School of Voice Production Brian Evans has sung with opera companies and rock bands. Here he offers advice on vocal technique and the singers lifestyle.
Healing sounds Tibetan & Mongolian overtone chanting; ancestral lines, family fields,healing vibrations workshops.
Vocal Resource, The A cross referenced guide to various vocal FAQs or vocal categories featuring biographies, photos and opera role suggestions.
Greek Singers Forum Forum for Greek singers. In Greek language only.
National Association of Singing Teachers International organization, dedicated to encouraging the highest standards of singing through excellence in teaching and the promotion of vocal education and research.
The Throat Singers of Tuva Scientific American's feature article of September 1999.
The Voice A book describing a spiritual approach to bel canto singing. The first lesson available on cd.
Dwayne's Singing Page Singing tips, books on singing, vibrato, and how to sing, as well as vocal technique.
Singers UK Online community of singers based primarily in the U.K. They wish to provide exposure for professional singers through information exchange.
The Singer's Workshop The Singer's Workshop offers physical, breathing and vocal exercises, articles on vocal technique, a bibliography, a glossary, a mailing list and other useful resources to singers, voice students and teachers.
The Universe of Harmonic Chant The official site of David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir, whose music is derived from Asian overtone singing, includes biographies, CD shop, news, reviews, and calendar of concerts and teaching events.
Alexander Technique for Singers Describes the natural, healthy coordination of singing, how this coordination can be interfered with, and how such interference can be diminished/stopped.
Cole, Jim and Spectral Voices Blendings in vast reverberant spaces to create vocal spacemusic. Includes sound clips, performance updates, and ordering information.
Big Ears Java-Based ear training


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