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Simplified Music Chord Theory

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Explains scales and building chords from them.

rpsoft 2000 music chord theory

music chord theory for pianos, guitars and more

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Simplified Music Chord Theory Related


Guitar chord generator and scale calculator. Calculate fingerings for any chord on any stringed instrument in any tuning. Includes other useful tools such as chord namer and tab mapper.

Online Ukulele Chord Generator

Over 1 million chords in an easy to read format. Display or print a list of chords in any tuning.

Mandolin Chord Generator

Display or print chords from user-defined settings, including left and right-handed views.

Guitar Chord Generator

Standard and alternative tunings. Design your own printable chord charts

Introduction to Guitar Chord Theory

Introduction to guitar basics and theory. Includes scales, intervals, triads, chord names, tab, links, chord construction and dictionary.

Banjo Mandolin Ukulele Chord Generator

Diagram any chord in various position along the neck.

Money Chords

Popular chord progressions, chord substitutions, chord construction, guitar chord charts, and songwriting links.

Pocket Piano Chord Name Finder

Offers a program that will display the names of chords entered note by note, and also display on a keyboard diagram, the individual notes of any chord chosen.

Guitar Chords Magic

Guitar chord lessons, charts, pictures, songs, music theory and chord finder.


Online chord generator specifically for seven string guitars.

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Musical Palette program is a tool for the creation of melodies. The program is based on composition theory and the theory of harmony. The strong theoretical base makes the melody composing process easier. The basic features are: 1. The program...

Guitar Chord Legend 1.0

Guitar Chord Legend 1.0 is a software designed to help you to replace The Ultimate Guitar Chord Book. The software includes more than 7000 guitar chord charts at your fingertips. Major features: More than 7000 guitar chord chartsVirtual guitar...

Chord Alchemy 4.0

ChordAlchemy offers a rich and robust set of capabilities for looking up chords, determining what chords you are playing and hearing how they sound. Chord variations are easily handled by ChordAlchemy's powerful, Advanced Chord Theory and Chord...

DAccord Guitar Chord Dictionary 3.0

Just type the chord name and the software will show its fingering and many positions! You can also listen to the chord notes! The built-in chord database, with more than 1.000 chords is used together with the DAccord Exclusive Chord Generator...

Opinionated Theory of The Beginning of Man On Earth 5..0

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Fretboard Mastery for Palm OS 1.1.0

Fretboard Mastery is a Palm OS tool to help you master the guitar fretboard, quickly and with the minimum of effort. Get to know every note on every string - instantly, without thinking or hesitation! Good knowledge of the fretboard will enable...

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"Ebook sample on the theory of how man became on earth. It talks about the Bible, Evolution, And others. It also talks about a well known theory that has not been proven yet. This sample has the lst page of chapters 1-4.The final book is in...

Chord Composer 6.12

Chord Composer is a multimedia music composer software with automactic accompaniment function, with Builtin 100 accompani-ment styles make it easy for the user to quickly design a perfection song. Edit main melody by 1 or 2 tracks in one song....

RhythmnChords MIDI FX 2.6.3

RhythmnChords is the best choice if you want to: Quickly and easily create professional sounding guitar accompaniments; Use rhythms ever played by the famous guitar players in your guitar tracks; Create guitar arrangements in mere minutes and...

Guitar Simulator 7.2

A guitar fretboard appears on the screen, and you can either place single notes on the fretboard to make a playable chord, or choose to start off with a selected standard chord, which you can then alter. This chord can be saved, and further chords...


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