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Matamp Amplifiers

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Green Amps: tube and valve amplifiers from the original manufacturer of Orange Guitar and Bass amps.

GREEN Matamp - Hand Made Tube Amplifiers for Guitar & Bass

GREEN Pro Audio Equipment

100 Watt - 12th Records - 4x12\'s - Aberdeen Lizards - Amplifiers - Amps - Bass - Black - Black Sabbath - Blue - Bongzilla - British - Cabinets - Cbs - Cuda - David Letterman - Def Tones - Electric Amp - God - Green - Green Amps - Green Matamp - Guitar - Hand Made - Heads

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Handmade tube guitar amps and kits.

Hoffman Amplifiers

Tube amp parts, tube amplifier building supplies, books/videos about tube amps.

Electrosonic Amplifiers

Builds custom all-tube guitar amplifiers. Information about products and services to musicians.

Metaltronix Amplifiers

Information on Metaltronix amplifiers including manuals, settings, schematics, history, ads, and message board.

Specimen Products

Makes custom guitars and basses from exotic materials, aluminum, and traditional hardwoods. Chicago, Illinois.

Grail Tone

A database of tone settings for a variety of amps and effects; also has articles, reviews and a forum about Mesa Boogie amps.

Aiken Amplification

Manufacturer of tube guitar amps and attenuaters. In-depth technical database.

Amp Tone

Information about distortion voicing, effects placement, and cranked-tube-amp tone at any volume.

Cornford Amplification

UK maker of valve guitar amplifiers. Includes sound samples [requires Flash 5].

Skip Simmons Amp Repair

Repair and restoration of vintage guitar amps, harp amps, and studio equipment. Skip Simmons has a national reputation as a vintage amp specialist. Site contains photos of vintage amps and amp repair articles. Serving vintage amp owners nationwide.

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