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Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Orchestra

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Playing swing in the style of the twenties and early thirties. Promotional information, reviews, upcoming shows, recordings, musician biographies, news, mailing list and a list of links.

Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Orchestra: a 1920s Hot Dance Jazz Age Gatsby big band.

1920s dance band orchestra in the style of the 1920s: 1920\'s dance orchestra. A twenties big band orchestra that plays swing in twenties style. Hot dance band authentic vintage 1920s classic jazz dance band. Charleston, Lindy, Jazz Age, Roaring Twenties.

1920s - 1930s - A Jazz Age Big Band - Age - Are - Authentically - Band - Big - Charleston - Classic Jazz - Concerts Classic Jazz Festivals. Roaring Twenties - Crazy - Dance - Dixieland - Early - Early American Entertainment - Era - Hot - Jazz - Live - Located - Music - Orchestra - Play - Recreates

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Hot Rhythm Orchestra

Led by clarinetist Colin Bryant the band plays music for jazz lovers from the 20's, 30's and 40's to dance to or just listen. Page includes a biography and photos.

Riverwalk, Live from the Landing

Weekly public radio series on classic jazz, hosted by David Holt with Jim Cullum's band in San Antonio, Texas.

Tri-State Jazz Society

Dedicated to the presentation of traditional and dixieland jazz. Based in Brooklawn, New Jersey.

Persson, Brent

Renowned jazz trumpeter, especially for his renditions of Louis Armstrongs 50 Hot Choruses of 1927. Biography, recordings, and links.

Persson, Brent

Bent Persson, internationally renowned jazz trumpeter, especially for his renditions of Louis Armstrongs 50 Hot Choruses of 1927.

Red Hot Jazz: Original Dixieland Jazz Band

Includes biography, member profiles, discography, audio samples, and suggested reading.

Cullum, Jim

The Landing Jazz Club in San Antonio is the home of the Jim Cullum Jazz Band, stars of the weekly jazz series on Public Radio, "Riverwalk, Live from the Landing.'

Australian Cotton Club Orchestra

Twelve piece big band based in Melbourne, Australia, specializing in jazz and swing. Contains a biography, sound samples and contact information. CDs available.

Red Hot Jazz: Ma Rainey

Biography and discography.

Remsy's Jazz Cellar & Steam Fair

A meeting point for people who like jazz, and for peoples whom like steam railways. Offers sounds in various audio forms, pictures, and videos.

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