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Lute-Harpsichord: A Forgotten Instrument

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Bach sought, and had custom-built, a harpsichord which sounded like a lute. Detailed description of history and construction.

The LUTE-HARPSICHORD: A Forgotten Instrument

Bach sought, and had custom-built, a harpsichord which sounded like a lute. Detailed description of history and construction.

Bach - Baroque Keyboard Instruments - Baroque Music - Harpsichord - Johann Christoph Fleischer - Johann Nicolaus Bach - Lautenclavicymbel - Lautenwerck - Lautenwerk - Lute-harpsichord - Theorbenflugel - Zacharias Hildebrandt

Lute-Harpsichord: A Forgotten Instrument Related

Sorli, Steven

Maker of Harpsichords and Lautenwerk, a plucked keyboard instrument with gut strings.

Baroque Music: Harpsichord

The baroque harpsichord and its music.

La Follia Austin Baroque

(Austin, TX) Performing Baroque music on period instruments.

Harpsichord Clearing House

Makers and dealers of early keyboard instruments: harpsichords, virginals, clavichords, continuo organs.

Garlick, Andrew

Specialises in French and Flemish harpsichords using authentic materials and period decoration. Somerset, UK.

Self, Gerald - Harpsichords

San Antonio, Texas, builder of harpsichords and clavichords.

Hamilton, Malcolm

American harpsichordist. Biographical information.

Baroque Music

Articles, suggested recordings, links, biographies, portraits, plus music samples, notes on performance, information on the lute-harpsichord and the Baroque violin bow, and background on organ builder Gottfried Silbermann.

Hashimoto, Eiji

Japanese harpsichordist and conductor. Profile, discography, reviews, publications, contact information.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Detailed biography and comments on his music from Grove Music plus MIDI audio, illustrations, and links from Kunst der Fuge.

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