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DJ HecTech Music Mixes

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DJ Mixes 80's 90's and the 2k's, Old School, House, Freestyle, Miami Bass

D.J. HecTech\'s Music Mixes!

DJ Mixes from 80\'s, 90\'s and the 2k\'s, Old School, Editheadz, Edits, House, Freestyle, Miami Bass, Hip-Hop, Techno mixes, Retro, Retromix, Retro mixes, Retro mix

Bass - Boom - Break Dance - Breakbeat - Cd Mixes - Classic House - Dance - Dj - Dj Hectech - Dj Mixes - Editheadz - Edits - Electronica - Fresstyle - Garage - Hip Hop - House - Miami Bass - Mixtapes - Mp3 Mixes - Old School - Old School Hip-hop - Quick Mixes - Rap - Real Audio

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Tranzfusion is currently a non-profit, non-commercial website built by dance lovers for dance lovers everywhere.

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DJ Mixes from House, Classic, Rave, Club and Garage. Submit your dj mix for free.


RealAudio DJ mixes weekly from San Francisco. Specializing in drum and bass, hip-hop, house, and related music. Includes a large archive of past shows with hundreds of hours of mixes.

Free RealAudio mixes styles: hip hop, drum n' bass, 2-step, and techno/electro, dub... various DJs....

Ming & FS

Their sound is an amalgamation of hip-hop, two step garage, drum n' bass and soulful house.

DJ Brown Digital Mixmaster

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Profile, chart, mixes, and gallery.

The WFTS Network

Streaming hip hop network with many channels: hip hop, St. Louis, underground, DJ mixes, freestyles, and b-gyrl.

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DJ Neil Roberts

Online biography, mixes, gig schedule for the Cardiff based house DJ.


The purpose of this online guide is to list the maximum number of sites related to the music, the culture or the electronic art coming from the House and Techno movements.

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Virtual DJ Station - Turntable Studio 1.00

Mix MP3, WMA, WAV on 2 Virtual DJTurntables, also Dub Vocals and Record Mixes. Features 2 Virtual Turntables, Beatmatching, Scratching, Mixer, Playlist Editor, Sampler, CD Burner, CD Ripper, Recorder, Aux-In Channel, 2 Stunning Effects, Voice Over...

AIRMIX sound automation

AIRMIX is the best solution for radio stations, hotels, supermarkets and home use. It is a program that manipulates music and commercials using mixes, perfectly. AIRMIX is the best solution for places that request continuous music. It can play any...

CSMD (Computerised Sound Mixing Desk) 1.52

Mixes audio files easily. Mix Mp3s, Wav Files and other format. Record the output or play though an amp. Playlists can be setup for ease. Looks and feels like a real mixing desk.

Golden Audio Channel 1.03

The Golden Audio Channel | GAC-1 includes all you need to make top-notch audio tracks and mixes. It features two equalizers, two compressors, a noise-gate and a de-esser. All components of the GAC-1 are of the highest quality. The internal effects...

Song o Matic 1.0

Its a program with which you can generate music from samples in wave format,mixed together in realtime. For example take 3 liness of vocal singing 3 lines of chords, 3 drumloops and you have a song which has a possibility of playing some...

Guitar-Online Metronome 2.0

This metronome plays tempos from 40 to 340 beats per minute.It also allows the user to play simple, compound and odd-time meters as well as mixes of measures (5/4=3+2/4, 13/8=3+2+3+2/8), etc.It plays different tones for accent, intermediate and...

Mixman StudioPro (Free Version) New (5.0 engine)

Mixman(R) is the premiere brand for Remixing on a PC! With a line of software, hardware, sounds and online components, Mixman provides all you need to create mixes, perform like a DJ, and get your music out for the world to hear! And the best...

CinematicMP3 1.3

Designed by Acclaimed Orion Studios, CinematicMP3 is a MP3 Surround Sound 5.1 Mixer. Now users can enjoy SRS Circle Surround 5.1 mixes with MP3 files, Home Movies, Digital Recordingsu Used by major Television and Movie Studios, the power to create...

DJ Mixer Express for Windows 2.0.0

DJ Mixer Express for windows is an ideal DJ mixing software for beginners and DJ pros, It offers a robust set of features yet remains easy-to-use and affordable for a wide audience of music fans. DJ Mixer Express has an easy-to-use graphical...

Moodmixer-Channelmanager 1.0

With the Moodmixer-Channelmanager you can produce perfect music playlists for your internet radio station or your iPod, as well as administrate different channels in one application.3 different playlist control algorithms are available: 1)...


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