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ITC-Sangeet Research Academy

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History, technical introduction, raagas and gharanas descriptions, audio and video clips of Hindustani Music.

Promoting Hindustani Classical Music at ITC Sangeet Research Academy

Hindustani classical music,ragas,samay raga at the website of ITC-Sangeet Research Academy.The academy promotes indian classical music. The site has annotated audio and video clips of prominent musicians

Audio Clips - Hindustani Classical Music - Hindustani Music - Indian Classical Music - Indian Culture - Indian Music - Indian Music Academy - Indian Music Archives - Indian Music History - Indian Musical Heritage - Indian Traditional - Itc Sra - North Indian Music - Ragas - Samay Raga - Sangeet Research Academy - Traditional Indian Music

ITC-Sangeet Research Academy Related

Sangi Rangi

Provides instrument information and history, player archive, and research article. By Nicolas Magriel, performer, teacher and researcher.

The Kalavant Center for Music and Dance

New York City based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving traditional music and dance of south-east Asia, with a special emphasis on Indian Classical music. Main activities involve teaching.

Banerjee, Jayanta

Biography, reviews, and photographs.

Banerjee, Jayanta

Biography, reviews, and recent news flashes of the Bansuri performer.


Musical pilgrimage of Steven Landsberg throughout India. Featuring MP3 and real audio files.

Indian Kalakar

Indian Kalakar is a platform for professional Indian Artists. Artists primarily includes Indian singers, Dancers ,Actors, Actresses,Instrumental players and Models. Our database has list of Indian Singers, Names of Indian Singers, Hindi Singer,...

Batish, Ashwin

Classical Indian music fused with rock, jazz, and calypso. Site includes biography, articles, and CD information.

Swar Swar

Manufacturer and exporter of bansuries for classical concerts, commercial sets, and recording. Includes maintenance tips and gallery of flutes.

Mauchahty-Ware, Tom

Traditional singer and dancer, of Kiowa and Comanche descent. This is single page about one of his albums.

Vocal Music

Hindustani & Carnatic music are the two main poles of classical Indian music. BOth music styles have the same origin & sources according to ancient scriptures but they have many differences too.

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