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Slam's Home Electronic MOD files composed by Slam.

Vibrants Veteran group consisting of C64 and PC sceners.
Amanda's Mod Page My mods, information about mods, and links
MODSpeak Live Offers a collection music files, links and information.
Parenthesis Offering their own compositions in MOD and XM formats.
FruityLoopers Remix original drum n bass/happycore/reggae/techno trax and loops.
The TuneStore Distribution site for Gargoyle's original MODs.
Mod Files Site providing mostly techno MOD, XM and S3M files.
Maniacs of Noise MOD files by three artists composing music and sound design for videogames.
ABC Torti'n'Mod - The ModBook Tips and guide for writing Mods.
Massa KR - Mods for no Masses Experimental/strange MODs; not normal techno dance stuff. Downloads, link list, two newsletters.
Slotyper's MOD Depot Large archive of computer music modules in MOD, S3M, XM and STM format concentrating on small sized files of 100 KB and below.
Earblower's Soundcore Includes small collection of compositions.
DJ Ronto Tracking .IT songs from dance to hip-hop.
AKA Online MOD and XM files composed by Andre Karwath between 1995 and 1999.
Synthpop MOD-files More than 150 synthpop MOD files in different formats.
Digital Music Archive Large collection of digital music (S3M, XM, IT, MOD, MP3) with quick search and browse by style options.
Mono211 Monotonik An internet music label releasing both electronica and breakbeats in MOD, XM and IT format.
Little Beter MOD Corner Sirio's personal MOD archive.
OctaMed and MP3 Originally written on Amiga OctaMed - some converted to MP3.
Fairlight Music A 'scene' music group providing IT and XM files.
Youp 2K Official site for the musical stylings of Youp.
It-Alien's Opera Omnia The complete musical works of It-Alien (Fabio Napodano) in MOD and XM format. Unschemed computer generated music, similar to progressive rock and experimental electronica.
The History of Music Mods Details the history of music modules, including selected files from the musician Radix and links.
The Hard Core Hardcore trackingsite by a group of 4. Contains modules and samples.
Jut's Fast Tracker 2 Site XM Songs for Downloading and Links to Related XM and MP3 Sites MIDI files, modules (MODs, XMs, S3Ms, ITs) and some MP3 files. MOD section demoscene/tracking scene related, MIDI section contains pop and rock, movie themes and classical MIDIs.
joys of Gutter The collected lucubrations of h. r. morfeus smith, esq. - ranging from traditional Japanese music to grindcore (ogg/mo3/it/xm).
ModMecca A collection of seasonal modules.
UKBeats A collection of digital music tracks, (mainly drum 'n' bass), in various formats including .mp3, .it, .xm, .s3m.


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