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Bohus' Czech Polka/Waltz MIDI Czech waltzes and polkas.

MIDIWorld MIDI software and hardware information, synths, sounds and MIDI files, marketplace, free classifieds for musicians.
Frank Silvia's Music Studio Original Music Composed in Rock, Blues, Country, Easy Listening, and even Classical. Some have Words & Music pages to sing-along. Studio #1 is Rock, Disco, Country, and Blues. Studio #2 is Easy Listening and Classical.
Tina Billett's Keyboard Creations Features orchestral works from the Romantic Era in MIDI and Noteworthy Composer format.
Arabic & Turkish MIDI Songs Turkmidi.COM Arabic, Turkish, Yugoslavian, Greek, and Oriental MIDI files.
Dufada Original MIDI's: New Age Irish Music Regularly updated; also includes a Zip file of all music.
Xgarage Japanese original MIDI with various style of music (techno, rock, classical thing).
MIDI Sing Along Songbook Favorite nostalgic sing along MIDI songs with lyrics, in an enjoyable songbook format.
James' MIDI World Collection of dance MIDI files, also includes some alternative and Hip Hop files.
Ultimate MIDI Page Extensive index of other MIDI sites.
Bellemusic Original musics to be downloaded in sizes midi and mp3 for your multimedia applications.
Ti Kai Moy's Original MIDI Compositions Midi Sequences of original pop and alternative music compositions, music with Eastern influence songs and lyrics about love, the struggles and pains in life, social and political issues.
David's Songs Page Contains MIDI downloads of various jazz titles.
The Procrastinator's Paradise Rock MIDIs by Korn, Tool, NIN, Blink 182, Offspring, and Rage Against the Machine.
Classical MIDI Files Sequenced by David Siu, M.D.
Ollie's Music Room Jazz MIDIs by style and composer. Clawhammer and bluegrass MIDI files. Swedish with music file pages in English.
A Century Of Midi Musical Memories Files of all genres, sorted by decade.
Claude Ciari MIDI Guitar World Features MIDI, RealAudio, MP3,CD order online.
Folk Midi Radio Automatically play 400 midi sequences in four folk 'channels'.
MIDIBoard - MIDI Music Community A full featured MIDI community, with over 10,000 professionally sequenced files.
Balinese Gamelan Rhythms Includes MIDI files of the traditional Balinese gamelan (percussion ensemble).
The Classical MIDI Resource Small collection of well-performed Classical MIDI files; with MP3 renderings. Search engine for MIDI sites and files, as well as message board community support for composers.
Andy, the Happy Nerd Original MIDIs and other interesting stuff from a 23 year old music composition major at U of North Texas.
The Hermit's MIDI Retreat Pop and rock songs by Abba, Bee Gees, Eagles, and other related links.
Ralph Art's Original JavaScript Jukebox Instructions for creating a MIDI jukebox.
Ogawa, Sumitaka - Web Concert Hall Original MIDI music and 3D animation.
Midi-City Categories include bluegrass, country, classical, holiday, and jazz.
Jerry's Eclectic Jukebox Features MIDI classics, from folk and traditional to jazz and classic country.


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