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The Sound of Mathematics

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Algorithmic music determined by mathematics and by the musical preferences of a human.

The Sound of Mathematics

Algorithmic music determined by mathematics and by the musical preferences a human. General MIDI files.

Aleatoric - Algorithmic - Daniel Cummerow - Fractal - Mathematical - Mathematics - Midi - Music - Nerd Music - Original Compositions - Sound

The Sound of Mathematics Related

Greschak, John

Includes MIDI and RealAudio files of original compositions for acoustic instruments.

The Music of José Oscar Marques

Fractal compositions in general MIDI file format.

Music and Chess

An annotated bibliography of musical compositions related to chess.

The Order of Numbers in the Second Viennese School of Music

Mathematical background for help in understanding the some of the works of Schoenberg, Berg, Webern, and Milton Babbitt by Carlota Simões, Department of Mathematics, University of Coimbra, Portugal.

Polytempo Music Articles

Articles by John Greschak. Includes a comprehensive annotated bibliography of polytempo music.

Pawel Jurdziak MIDI Homepage

Original midi compositions in GM/GS format. Jazz and other music styles. MP3 files and real audio.


Brainwave entrainment music which uses rhythm and melody to communicate fractal iteration and cymatic wave functions.

Pawel's Midipage - Links

Original MIDI compositions, and sequences by Pawel Jurdziak. Various styles of music. MIDI, and MP3 files available to download.

IO Music Creations

Original MIDI Compositions by Joris Wittenberg that sound not of this world.

Hoffmann: Mapping Mathematics to Sound

The Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis by Iannis Xenakis: Summary of paper submitted to the International Congress of Mathematicians.

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