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Competitions (51) Downloadable Music Sheets (94)
Information Centers (23) Libraries (17) Soundproofing and acoustic treatment in an audio recording studio can be very daunting. Most people want no part of recording studio design. And while the professional solutions can be very expensive, there are always alternatives that will not...

Music Resource Center In partnership with Paladin Media Group, we would like to invite you to an on-line concert featuring five different musical acts from the Music Resource Center performing live on the Paladin Sound Stage.
Indie Music Review Indie Music Review is an indie music blog based in & around NYC that is dedicated to showcasing independent artists from all over the globe to indie music enthusiasts.
The Music Resource The Music Resource sells 1,000s of media titles a discounted prices.
Music Resources The following websites are music resources that may be helpful to you.
Ohio Music Resource The Ohio Music Resources Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Ohio Music Resource.
Musical Resources Dennis studied church music, organ, and conducting at Valparaiso University, The University of Notre Dame, and Syracuse University as well as arts management at The University of Akron.
Music Arts Music & Arts has served students, teachers, and families through retail stores and school representatives since 1952.
Music Resources Nashville has been in the music business for nearly 200 years.
Welcome to Music Welcome to our website and if this is your first visit please have a browse at our huge range of resources and services, all designed to make teaching music easy and fun.
The Music Video Resource Welcome to The Music Video Resource. The resource center will allow you access to all the music videos collections that you've been seeking for years.
Pro Music Resource Pro Music Resource provides Resorts, Event Planners and Restaurants with highly skilled musicians and entertainment options. Years of experience in the corporate and event planning market has made this company the top choice when acquiring...
Music Lessons Resource The summer after I graduated from high school, I needed a little extra money. I got a job at Burger King. Yes, Burger King. Every day, as I stood in front of that broiler, throwing frozen burger after frozen burger into it, a little bit of my soul...
Light Music Resources Light Music Resources provides really useful learning resources at prices every school music department can afford. Our worksheets are especially suitable for cover, revision or homework but many are also being used in everyday lessons.
Music Resources On these pages, you will find vast resources for singing the Mass in English and Latin, with PDF files for free downloading. Many people are involved in developing these materials to build an infrastructure of the musical commons for the Catholic...
Music Articles and Resources Welcome to, a subdivision of This website provides free articles on various aspects of music composition. We will be adding articles on a daily basis until this resources is populated with the best music articles on the...
Musicweb International Resources This brings together all (we hope) of the many and varied resources created over the years on Musicweb in an organised way that makes them easier to access, and hopefully allows readers to find material that they didn't even know existed.
Fanfare competition resources This resource offers a KS3 Curriculum Unit Resource (pdf) and supporting video and audio assets for use in the classroom to help your students engage with composition and take part in our Fanfare competition.
Music Resources for Busy Teachers Music Resources for Busy Teachers is a resource site for teachers. We have 
anticipated some of the items that teachers may be looking for and put them 
together in one accessable place. Most of the products are obtained through Amazon...
Music Resources Barnsley College Music section are housed in a purpose built facilities at the new Old Mill Lane site. The complex includes dedicated rehearsal rooms to accommodate concerts bands / choirs, rock bands and other ensembles.
Music Resources Browse our online music resources. Here you will find links to schools, scholarship information, audition resources, Tampa Bay area arts and entertainment organizations, articles on music education, instrument care guides and diagrams, and more!
Online Music Resources This page will provide you with links to online music information and resources found across the Internet. Much of the information available is external to our website. Music Outfitters has included these sites because we believe they provide...
Classroom Music Teaching Resources Noteable music education is dedicated to creating and providing top quality classroom music teaching resources. Our aim is to make life easier for music teachers, and improve learning outcomes for students. Noteable aims to offer the best range of...
Music Resource We are excited to share these educational and creative resources, making your job easy and fun to teach children to help enhance their development in all domains: physically, emotionally, socially, creatively, cognitively, and in the area of...
Electronic Music Record Label With the new distribution channels online it is becoming much easier to release new music without going through a record label. Not that the function of the record label is extinct, but the barriers of not being able to release music without a...
Argentinian Barrel Organ Museum It is the common denomination for hand-turned barrel organs and street organs used in "Rio de la Plata" (River Plate, territory embracing Argentina and Uruguay). It's also, a very important chapter of the MECHANICAL MUSIC.
Independent Musician's Resources The Independent Musician's Professional One-Stop Shop for Resources and Documents.
Andane Musict Our New Songbook Lets Celebrate is an excellent resource for Choirs of all Kinds.
Sheheshe Music Services Radio promotion business for indie artists. Online newsletter, references, prices and specials.
Music sales Large collection of music and songs classified by type, language and region.


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