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Your Army - Music Promotion Experts at promoting your music to the right audience and at the right time, we know the most influential DJs, radio producers, TV producers, journalists and bloggers on the planet. In short, we get your music heard. Your Army have an unrivaled...

CD Baby We exist to give independent musicians like you the same advantages and reach that “signed” artists enjoy, without interfering with your creative vision or claiming ownership of your music. With CD Baby, you’ll wield the power to reach the...
Music Promotion Independent Music Promotions is a music PR company working exclusively with "music with depth" worldwide.
Independent Music Promotions Independent Music Promotions is a leading music PR company that guarantees all of our clients a high amount of quality reviews and features in prominent publications.
Musician Promote Musician Promote submit's your music to Internet Radio Stations,college radio, music podcasters and more.
Ditto Music We wanted an easier way of releasing our own music, without depending on a record label. Now we get to help artists all over the world. Nothing beats that feeling.
Direct Music Promo Deliver your records directly to your targeted fan base.
Independent Music Promotions Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, a world class DIY promotion company focusing exclusively on music with depth.
Musician Promote Musician Promote consistently innovates ways to help the independent musician, music fans and industry professionals meet.
Music Promotion, Inc. Music Promotion, inc. a hybrid marketing company created to bring unique, value added services to artists, bands & recording labels.
RCI Music Promotion, Inc. Music Promotion to radio usually starts with radio stations willing to play new music from new artists and then progresses to the next level.
Music Submit We promote your music by submitting your Music Press Kit (MPK) to radio stations, blogs, podcasts, music webzines, social media and other outlets.
Music Promotion True Grace Promotions is an artist development, marketing, and promotion consulting organization dedicated not only to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through the caribbean gospel music, but to helping record labels and management companies...
Indie Music Promotion Getting started as a musician, band, or any type of independent artist isn't easy. Between practice, gigs, family life, promotion and holding down a day job to finance all you need to do, there isn't even much time for sleep. Indie Music...
Capture Music Promotion Capture Music is a music promotion agency. We can promote your albums in Italy via our media partners working closely with the music genre you produce.
Music SUBMIT MusicSUBMIT promotes your music by submitting your MPK (music press kit) to radio stations, webzines, blogs, music communities, indie record labels and other types of music websites.
About Prescription Music PR Prescription PR is a UK music PR and digital marketing agency based near London, offering a wide range of communications services for the entertainment and music industries.
The Music Mag Founded in 2008 by Craig Priestley, the website has been successfully promoting unsigned music in the UK for years.
Faber Music Ltd Faber Music Ltd was founded in 1965, as a sister company to the distinguished book publisher Faber and Faber, for the principal purpose of publishing the music of Benjamin Britten. It now enjoys a world-wide reputation as one of the leading...
Japan Music Promotion Thanks to the advancements in recording technology and the ease of use of the internet, nowadays it is easy for any artist to record and share their music with a much wider audience than ever before.
Music Promotion The Music Mag offers music promotion in a variety of ways, including an often skimped upon way of getting the most out of your social media streams.
Music Promotion We offer a wide variety of services from radio promotion to social media promotion. You may be wondering where to start with your music promotion. There is no right answer, other than to get started by moving forward. We can help you through any...
Independent Music Promotions Independent Music Promotions is a DIY music promotion company focusing exclusively on music with depth. Our "little business that could" revolves around our passion for the real stuff. We are NOT your average PR company. We don't "try" to get...
Melody Music Welcome to Melody Music - the first rate one-stop solution for any choir or music fan wishing to travel - if you are based in the UK or anywhere in the World - we are the Choir Tour Company for you. Once we have your approval of your tour...
Music Submit musicSUBMIT started as an idea a little over 4 years ago. As a musician I was looking for ways to promote myself over the internet. I soon learned what a struggle it could be.
Ditto Music From an idea born in a tiny Birmingham flat, Matt and Lee Parsons have helped over 30,000 artists distribute their music to a world-wide audience.
Promote Your Music If you want to turn your music from a hobby into a serious career option youre in the right place.
Promotion The music industry has changed a lot, even in just the past few years, and unfortunately, labels are not as responsive to new music as they once were. As a result, more and more artists and songwriters are choosing to stay independent and build...
Music Promotion Inc. Amanda Alexandrakis holds a Degree in Marketing and a Masters Degree in International Business from Florida International University. She has run a record label, multiple promotion companies in various genres and has worked in almost every facet...
Net Music Promotions Net Music Promotions is a premiere new media music marketing and promotion company. Our marketing tools and strategies will build awareness of your project via the Internet and new media outlets. Major and independent record labels alike have come...


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