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listenlive A web radio directory showcasing over 3000 radio stations from across Europe streaming live on the internet.

The Society for Ethnomusicology The Society for Ethnomusicology is multidisciplinary in concept and worldwide in scope. Members' interests range from Japanese shakuhachi performance practice to popular musics in New York; from the conservation and display of Native American...
Winter Music Conference Annual event that hosts showcases, panels, special events and an international marketplace to promote networking, communication, and innovation within the industry.
Art of the States Collecting performances and recordings of a wide range of music from all across the U.S., focusing on new, unusual, and lesser-known repertoire.
Mixx Maker Mixx Maker lets you create 'Mixxs', digital mixtapes that you make with your friends. Set a theme, add some music, and ask your friends to add some too. You'll love what you hear.
Dot.Tunes Remote music access site. Allows users to listen to their iTunes music collection from any internet connection, share music and playlists with other users, and stream music from any connected library. Also access and share your iPhoto library.
Dutch Journal of Music Theory (Tijdschrift voor Muziektheorie) General information and journal content overview. Site in Dutch, German, and English.
Journal of Musicology Abstracts of recent issues, and submission guidelines for this journal published at Indiana University.
Discourses in Music Journal centered on maintaining a dialogue on musical and aesthetic matters among graduate music students across Canada. Includes prior journal issues and submission guidelines.
Current Musicology Published by Columbia University. Contains contents of all issues since 1985, and abstracts of more recent volumes.
Polish Music Journal General information on the submission guidelines and board for this journal published by USC.
Integral Scholarly music journal produced entirely by graduate students in music theory at the Eastman School of Music. Includes complete journal index and submission info.
Journal of New Music Research Includes abstracts from all articles since 1994 and general information.
South Central Music Bulletin A refereed journal and newsletter published by the College Music Society's South Central Chapter. Contains downloadable issues and author submission information.
MikroPolyphonie A journal focused on the analysis and discussion of contemporary music making and research. Includes picture gallery, forum, and most recent issue.
Computing in Musicology Contents and abstracts for all issues of this journal.
Music and Letters Information about the Oxford journal of international musicology scholarship.
Organised Sound An international journal which focuses on the rapidly developing methods and issues arising from the use of technology in music today.
The Journal of Musicology It is a review of music history, criticism, analysis, and performance practice that provides some of the most significant research and critical thought currently being produced in the field of musicology. The site contains tables of contents,...
Early Music General information on this journal published by Oxford Journal Press.
BPM Online British Postgraduate Musicology, and home to the online discussion group BPM Debate.
Critical Musicology Offers some articles, listed by topic or author. Hosted by the Department of Music at the University of Leeds (UK).
Musicae Scientiae Journal of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music: it offers all the articles published since 1997, translated in five languages.
Musical Quarterly Basic information about this Oxford journal, founded in 1915.
Perspectives of New Music Academic journal dealing with rigorous compositional methods. Includes complete table of contents and three recent issues.
South African Journal of Musicology Articles on South African and other musics; reviews of books, scores and recordings and conference reports.
Trans Transcultural music review journal: site includes all issues since 1995.
Computer Music Journal General info on this MIT publication. Also contains computer music, composition, and musicology links, and programmer's reference.
Nordic Journal of Music Therapy Articles, journal information, training courses, organizations, databases, advertisements, conferences, forums, links, and guidelines for submitting articles.


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