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Synchronicity Arkive

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The match formed by a piece of visual imagery (video tape or film) with an unrelated piece of music, which forms a new and different experience from that originally intended by either work. Synchronicities are instances where a certain clip, or even a whole movie, are found to fit extraordinarily well with different music, specifically music that evokes a surreal, or psychedelic, feel, that is intensified by the pairing. This site takes its name from the Jungian term of "synchronicity," of a resonance formed between two events unrelated in time and space. This non-local, non-linear connection defies rational explanation. Although the majority of examples listed here cannot really be considered synchronicities in Jung's terminology, the term seems to describe the emotional state evoked better than anything else.

Synchronicity Arkive

Emotional State - Psychedelic - Rational Explanation - Surreal - Synchronicity

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