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Vangelis Lyrics Page, The A collection of lyrics from Vangelis' music as well as those of his collaborators.

The Crow. City of Angels. Salvation. Believe in Angels. All lyrics from the given soundtracks.
Romeo & Juliet Lyrics Lyrics from the Romeo + Juliet Vol. 1 CD soundtrack of the film released in 1996.
OST Lyrics Lyrics to hundreds of movie Original SoundTracks.
Sound Track Lyrics Movies, cartoons, TV, musicals. You can browse them by soundtrack title or search by any title.
Leaving Las Vegas Soundtrack to this movie.
Soundtrack Magazine Includes information on soundtracks, news and articles. Also lists an archieve.
3000 Miles To Graceland A site dedicated to the Soundtrack of the movie with the lyrics to all the songs, and animated gifs.
Dare Devil Themes A great collection of Dare Devil Theme Lyrics By Fuel, Revis, Evanescence, Rob Zombie, Boysetfire, 12 Stones and others.
Blow Soundtrack A site dedicated to the soundtrack of the movie Blow, with all the lyrics to songs on the soundtrack and animated gifs.
Transformers Lyrics Information about who sang, wrote, and produced the given songs.
The Lion King Song Lyrics Lyrics for all the songs on the original English version of the Lion King soundtrack, plus the follow-up CDs (Rhythm of the Pride Lands, Return to Pride Rock and the Musical).
Natural Born Killers A site dedicated to the movie Natural Born Killers, and the soundtrack. The lyrics to the songs from the soundtrack, also lots of pictures.
Song Lyrics from Moulin Rouge Moulin Rouge Lyrics and Quotes.
The Cable Guy Also short Real Audio sound clips.
Blondiee10's City of Angels Lyrics to all the songs on the soundtrack, movie clips and many images from the film City of Angels starring Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage.
Until The End Of The World Lyrics from the movie soundtrack
The Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown Three films made by Quentin Tarantino.
Blondiee10's Crow Page A 'Crow' site with the lyrics to the songs from the soundtrack among others.
ABC Musical Provides free web-hosting for bands and performing artists. Includes hindi, chinese, german lyrics and soundtracks.
Snatch Soundtrack A site dedicated to the movie Snatch with lyrics to songs from the soundtrack. Also animated gifs and wavs from this movie.
Movie Theme Such titles as Leaving Las Vegas, True Romance, City of Angels, Love and a .45, Snatch, Basic Instinct, Face Off, The Wedding Singer, Judgment Night, Conspiracy Theory.
Somewhere In Time MP3, MIDI and Audio files. Lyrics and overview of the movie, includes photos and links, original soundtracks - "A Webmistris Special".
The Crow Movie Pages A site dedicated to the first Crow movie with the lyrics to the complete soundtrack. Also animated gifs, and an interview with James O'Barr, creator of 'The Crow.'
Movie Lyrics Personal collections of movie lyrics and some hits from famous singers.


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