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Thin Weasel Woodwinds

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Memorial site to master whistle and flute maker Glenn Schultz, who died June 8th 2005.

Thin Weasel Woodwinds - In Memory of Glenn Schultz, Sr.

ThinWeasel Woodwinds, Irish whistles and flutes with sweet tone, handcrafted from your choice of exotic woods or manmade materials.

Fead˛g - Flute - Glenn Schultz - Instrument Maker - Irish Music - Irish Whistle - Oxford - Pvc Whistle - The Verser\'s Curse - Thin - Thinweasel - Tin Whistle - Verser\'s Curse - Waterweasel - Weasel - Whistle - Whistle Maker

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Whistle Tutor

Tin whistle tutorial. Lessons and tips for performers of all levels of ability. [Tutorials use Flash]

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S.Z.B.E Whistle Japan

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How to Play Blues on an Irish Whistle

Simple explanation of fingering the blues scale on a tin whistle. Actual familiarity with the musical genre is left up to the reader.

The Scottish Whistle

This site includes a large collection of Scottish tunes, an essay on whistling in Scottish music, and information on taking tin whistle classes in Scotland.

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