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The Diatonic Harmonica Reference

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Free diatonic harmonica reference with over 100 pages of tips, techniques, diagrams, pictures, sound clips, music theory, how to play blues, ways of improvisation, mail order price comparisons. Useful for beginner and expert player alike.

The Diatonic Harmonica Reference

Free reference for the diatonic harmonica, including blues harp, beginning and advanced techniques, music theory, improvisation, overblows, gapping, tuning, prices, tab, and much more.

Bends - Blues - Blues Harp - Chords - Circle Of Fifths - Customizers - Diatonic - Diatonic Harmonicas - Gapping - Harmonica - Harp - Harp-l - Improvisation - Music - Music Theory - Overblows - Overdraws - Positions - Prices - Repair - Tab - Techniques - Tips - Tuning

The Diatonic Harmonica Reference Related

The Diatonic Harmonica Reference

Reference includes tips for blues harp, techniques, music theory, improvisation, overblows, gapping, tuning, prices, and tab. Over 50 pages of tips and techniques.

Scale and Chord Finder for the Diatonic Harmonica and Altered States

The scale and chord finder page shows all the different harmonica tunings available in Pat Missin's "Altered States" and makes it possible to view the layout of different chods and scales on these alternate tunings for the diatonic...

An online community providing harmonica lessons, songs, tablature, message boards, and chat room. Some areas require membership.

Harmonica Players on the Web

A complete listing of many players and featuring pro and amateur players, male and female, diatonic and chromatic, and all styles of music.

Learn Harmonica

Learn to play harmonica for free. Free instruction, songs, tabs, tips, sound files, CDs keyed, message board, chat room, and theory.

Harp On! Harmonica Resources

G Maj has assembled some good links here.

Learn to play harmonica/blues harp. Lessons, instruction, beginner's hints, and tips. Download songs, riffs, and sounds.

Harp On!

Chromatic Harmonica reference, including techniques, chromatic harp information, music theory, reading music, and harp tablature.

Dave McKelvy Trio

Biography, itinerary, booking information, photos, and details on the CD.

Harmonica Links

Directory of harmonica players, vendors, manufacturers, and instructors.

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