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Recorder Fingering Charts - The Woodwind Fingering Guide

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Fingering charts for both English and German recorders.

Recorder Fingering Charts - The Woodwind Fingering Guide

Altissimo - Bassoon - Chalumeau - Clarinet - Clarion - Fingering Chart - Flute - Irish Uillean Pipes - Oboe - Piccolo - Recorder - Sarrusophone - Saxophone - Shakuhachi Flute - Tin Whistle - Tremolo - Trill

Recorder Fingering Charts - The Woodwind Fingering Guide Related

The Woodwind Fingering Guide

Timothy Reichard's collection of standard and alternate fingerings including trill, tremolo, and flattement for orchestral woodwind instruments as well as tin whistle, uillean pipes, shakuhachi, charanga flute and sarrusophone.

Recorder Trills

Trills, turned trills, and turns: easy fingering charts for all notes.

Arwen & Justin's Flute Site

Resource on auditions, flute performance, maintenance, repertoire en fingering.

Contrabass Mania

Gateway to rare and unusual deep-voiced instruments including the contra-bassoon and contra-bass saxophone as well as the sarrusophone and serpent. Includes pictures, sounds, discography, and free classified ads.

Online flute lessons that include on-demand video, fingering charts, forums, video-conferencing lessons and live teacher responses to student questions.

Recorder Fingering Chart

An interactive fingering guide for C recorder.

C Recorder Fingering

Single octave fingering chart from Hillview Elementary School in Vernon, B.C., Canada.

Recorder Home Page: Fingering the Recorder

Notes concern both alto and soprano recorders with modern ('English') fingering systems.

Amazing Grace Flute Fingering Chart

Native American flute fingering chart for Amazing Grace, with words included. Using a minor 6 hole flute. Real audio sample provided.

Sarah's Flute Page

Tips for playing the flute, buying an instrument, and playing the piccolo, plus a history of the flute.

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