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Marca Reeds

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Clarinet and saxophone reeds made in Provence, France. Preparation, product details, and links to importers and musicians.

MARCA REEDS MANUFACTURING, cane from provence, France.MARCA. Manufacture d\'ANCHE

Since 1957, Marca has created the finest quality FRENCH REEDS for SAXO and CLARINET, each reed is hand finished.Depuis 50 ans, MARCA confect

Alto - Anche - Anche Double - Anches - Artiste - Artists - Arundo Donax - Baritone - Basse - Cane - Canne - Clarinet - Clarinette - Classique - Contrebasse - Cordier - Coupe Anche - Craftsmen - Double Reeds - Entreprise Artisanale D\'anches - France - Franco Guccini - French - G Leblanc Corporation - Global

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Company in Argentina cultivates Arundo Donax cane for reeds, sells blanks to manufacturers worldwide, and makes and sells Zonda and Gonzalez brand reeds for clarinet, saxophone, and double-reed instruments, established 1983. History, forum,...

Includes information on the instrument family, reeds, mouthpieces, related books, and tips.

Saxophone Mouthpieces by Peter Ponzol

High end metal and hard rubber saxophone mouthpieces designed by one player for other players. Saxophone necks and reeds.

Rico International

Clarinet and saxophone reeds and accessories. Includes news, trade shows, history, artists, and links.

Foglietta: The Reed for Clarinets

Reeds for clarinets using the Boehm and French systems. Product information, tips, and ordering information. In English and German.

Saxophone FAQ's

Answers to commonly asked questions about the instrument including books and performance experience, compiled by Charles Socci.

Wikipedia: Saxophone

Article describing the history of the instrument, its construction, materials and reeds, the different types and writing for the saxophone.

Murray Reeds

Offering professional cane bagpipe reeds, in Scotland. With product information and usage tips.

Musical instrument repair shop

DLP Music & Repair provides schools and individuals with a full range of music services including musical instrument repairs, particularly guitar repair and clarinet repair, used musical instruments for sale (used guitar amps, used drums for...

Contrabass Mania

Gateway to rare and unusual deep-voiced instruments including the contra-bassoon and contra-bass saxophone as well as the sarrusophone and serpent. Includes pictures, sounds, discography, and free classified ads.

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