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Contains playing advice. Includes book and music recommendations and forum.

Saxophone, Sax, Lessons, Exercises, audio and more -

Saxophone lessons from a variety of the worlds most experienced saxophone instructors. Lesson pages with sound files and getting started guide.Tips and advice for beginning saxophonists. A Variety of Online saxophone lessons, audio lessons, designed to help both saxophonists as well as music educators looking for information on teaching or learning the saxophone Free Saxophone Sheet Music, free lessons, Saxophone downloads and resources online music lessons on blues, jazz, improvisation, l

Arpeggios - Blues Scales - Chords - Embouchure - Exercise - Exercises - Improvisation - Instruction - Jazz - Jazz Improvisation - Jazz Theory - Keilworth - Lesson - Lessons - Long Tones - Method Books - Midi Files - Music - Music Lesson - Music Lessons - Online Instruction - Pentatonic Scales - Play Al - Sax - Sax Lessons

Jazz-O-Matic Related


Includes playing tips contributed by various sources.

On Line Instruction for the Saxophone

Lesson pages with sound files, music theory, and links.

The Saxophone Shed

Warm-up exercises, scale sheets, improvisational patterns, transcriptions, MIDI files, fingering charts, interviews, and lessons.

Sax on the Web: Tim Price

Selmer clinician from the New York area offers online instruction harmonic substitution, with exercises to improve phrasing and improvisation and a series of "Bird-ology" studies.

Psyching Out Improvisation Demons

Roger Freundlich shares his experience in teaching jazz improvisation to adult students.

Guitar Lesson World

Resource for learning how to play, tune, and repair the guitar. Includes basics, lessons, tab, chords, solo-ing, and site download.

Guitar Dreams

Free guitar lessons online for playing lead guitar. Includes alternate picking technique, scales, arpeggios, sweep picking, legato, string skipping and tapping. Sound files included. Also features a discussion forum.

Saxophones site. Many articles on various aspects of the instrument.

Windmill Saxophone Quartet

: Washington, DC-based, all-woodwind ensemble. RealAudio and MP3 samples from the quartet's CDs, reviews, and links.

Langford, Martin

With six-piece jazz ensemble, provides informative guide to development of jazz through in-school concerts. Page contains biography, cds, and performance information.

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Song o Matic 1.0

Its a program with which you can generate music from samples in wave format,mixed together in realtime. For example take 3 liness of vocal singing 3 lines of chords, 3 drumloops and you have a song which has a possibility of playing some...

iLibs 2.01

iLibs allows you to manage multiple iTunes libraries comfortably. You can, for example, create a Jazz library plus a Rock library and synchronize your iPod with one of them according to your mood of the day. If there are several iPods but only one...

UdoRadio 2.6

Meet UdoRadio -- the first Internet streaming media site that gets personal with is a free Internet radio station unlike any on the Web today. Only UdoRadio lets listeners choose the music they want to hear and keeps them as...

RadiosDesk 1.0

Radios Desk is a Windows app with dozens of best radios stations streaming on UK. Installed on your taskbar. No ads, no pop up's, no messages, nothing but just music and news on your headphones while you are working at the office our having fun...

GuitarChordsLite 1.3

Play the Guitar chords right away - no experience required! The app contains major guitar chords. You can: - see the chords in notes representation, as colored photos in one position, - save and load the chords sequences, - drag and drop...

Master Hammond B3 VSTi 2.1

MASTER HAMMOND B3 is a Virtual Hammond VST plug-in with a rich and authentic sound based on the legendary B3. The result is a warm and powerful sound over the entire range of the keyboard. The MHB3 is capable of all the variations one expects from...

FreeBassTuner 1.1

Very easy app to tune the Bass Guitar. The app has: * 10 pitches modes, * 4 und 5 Strings modes, * Possibility for automatic repeating of the playing sounds, * Original instrument sound. 10 new pitches modes: + Baroque, + Scientific, +...

BassChordsLite 1.3

Play the bass guitar chords right away - no experience required! The app contains major guitar chords. You can: - see the chords in notes representation, as colored photos in one position, - save and load the chords sequences, - drag and...

FreeDoubleBassTuner 1.1

Very easy app to tune the Double Bass. Just click on the button and tune the Double Bass with the sound of the tuned string! The app has: - 10 pitches modes, - Mode for automatic repeating of the playing sounds, - Original instrument sound....

enable Guitar Tuner 4.0

enable Guitar Tuner performs real-time tuning for a range of instruments, as well as presets for each instrument in a variety of styles. You can transpose, use common jazz and orchestra references or even enter your own custom frequencies for...


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