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Building a 25-pipes Pan-flute

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Dutch woodworking hobbyist gives a detailed account, in words and photos, of how he created the instrument.

Bouw 25-pijps panfluit (d1 t/m g4)

Building a 25-pipes Pan-flute Related

The Panflute of Douglas Bishop

Pan flute musician based in Vermont. Site includes free educational resources, audio samples, instrument information and lore.


Manufacturer of pan flutes and pan pipes. Information about the various types, and the materials used in their production.

International Panflute Pages

Database of international panflute recordings on CD, arranged by musician, with cover graphics and a track listing for each CD. Also links to performers' websites.

Steel Pan in Finland

Information about steel bands and pan players in Finland, with information about pan-building and for players. Also includes discography. (Finnish and English)

Source for locating flute-related information on the Internet. Site contains a large collection of flute links in multiple categories.

Brad White's

Hawaiian pan-flutist offers myths and history, links, QuickTime samples, and performance information.

Damian Draghici

Romanian virtuoso pan flutist presents bio, overview of music releases with samples, tour information and photos.

Gibonus- Panflutes & Panpipes

Instrument manufacturer.

Mike Nelson's Home Page

An engineering designer with a hobby of designing and building. Building techniques for Northumbrian pipes, Scottish smallpipes and mandolins.

British Flute Society

Membership information, samples of Pan Magazine, links, and events.

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