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The Saxon Lyre

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History, construction, and playing techniques.

The Saxon Lyre: History, Construction, and Playing Techniques

The Saxon Lyre Related

The Lyre Project

An illustrated account of constructing a replica of a Saxon lyre from the 7th Century CE, commonly known as the Sutton Hoo lyre.

Making a Simple Lyre

An illustrated account of the reconstruction of a Saxon lyre. Includes a project diary.

The Saxon Lyre

History, construction, and playing techniques.

Lyre of Ur

A project to reconstruct a lyre - 4,750 years old (predating the Great Pyramid by 750 years). Includes technical information about construction, with details of the project.

Sky Sunlight Saxon

Sound clips and news articles.

Lyre of Ur

Non-profit organization researching the background and the making of the original instrument. Includes drawings and photos. [English, German and French]

Sumerian Bull Lyre

An account of a reconstruction (for Smith College Museum of Ancient Inventions, Massachusetts) of a lyre, developed by the Sumerians of ancient Iraq around 3200 BCE.

The Sumerian Gold Lyre

An account of one of the Sumerian stringed instruments discovered at the ancient site of Ur in 1927 by Sir Leonard Woolley. Includes a history, details of construction, and information about music of the time.

Saxon, Martin

Contemporary acoustic music in a thought-provoking style from this Cambridge, UK based singer/songwriter. Biography and audio samples.


A mediaeval bowed lyre, one of Wales's most exotic traditional instruments. Includes information on the instrument, players and makers. [Cymraeg and English]

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