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Ibanez - Joe Satriani

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A fan's site dedicated to the Joe Satriani Ibanez Model, with technical information and specifications, photos, and FAQ.


The site dedicated yo the Ibanez JS series, the Joe Satriani guitar.

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Ibanez - Joe Satriani Related

An enthusiast tracks where in the world the Ibanez "Chrome Boy" guitars are, who owns them, and what condition they're in. Includes a history.

Ibanez Guitar Players

Collection of guitar tabs for Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, and Paul Gilbert. Also includes player info, a beginners guide, scales, chords, and glossary.

Ibanez RG Prestige Review

A fans site dedicated to the Ibanez RG Prestige series guitar, with indepth reviews of the Ibanez RG1570, technical information, specifications, pickups, mods and many other topics.

Satriani Science

Information on Satriani's equipment, albums, set lists and bands.

Guitar tutor online

Free online guitar lessons. Sample tunes are in MIDI and mp3 formats.


JEM, Universe and Ibanez 7-string guitars as played by Steve Vai, with forum.

Joe Satriani - Is There Love In Space?

Official record label site, with news, biography and discography.

Reed, Don

Songwriter and instrumentalist. Biography, history, gear list, and past and present bands.

Blue Horizon

Picture collection of many old and new models.

Ultimate Guitar Archive

A sizeable archive of tabs. Also has a forum, lessons and reviews.

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