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American Indian Drums The most important Native American instrument was and still is the drum, as you can tell by going to any powwow or Indian event. Different tribes have different traditions about the drum and how to play it, but the basic construction is very...

Midwestern Historical Keyboard Society Nonprofit organization fostering interest in and appreciation for harpsichords, clavichords, fortepianos, virginals, and more. THE MIDWESTERN HISTORICAL KEYBOARD SOCIETY is a regional (midwestern United States) non-profit organization comprised of... Musical Instruments Photographs of bullroarers, calls, drums, and rattles used by the Aboriginal peoples of Canada.
International Native American Flute Association The mission of INAFA is to encourage the primary continuation of the traditional and contemporary Native American flute, along with identifying, collecting, restoring, maintaining, preserving, and classifying these instruments. A quarterly...
Centralia Fur and Hide Indian Traders Hand drums, powwow drums, and frames supplies.
FluteKey Includes events by geographic region, discography, sheet music, playing instructions, construction, history, and links.
Native American Flutes Includes history, construction, legends, photo gallery, playing, directories of musicians and makers, audio samples, CD reviews, and links.
HIgh Energy Drums A step by step e-book for making your own Native American style drum. For sale and download online.
Amazing Grace Flute Fingering Chart Native American flute fingering chart for Amazing Grace, with words included. Using a minor 6 hole flute. Real audio sample provided.
Native American Music in Seven Volumes Sheet music for flute and recorder.
International Flute Listserv E-mail based listserv with specific instructions on how to "subscribe". This listserv is for people interested in talking about native american flutes.
Scott Loomis's Native American Flute Forum An information and forum page for Native American flute players, makers, and others interested in the flute.
Choctaw Flutes Biography of Don Zimbelman and links to discussion groups.
Wolf Drums Australian maker of drums. Also manufactures rims and rawhide. Information about drum care and workshops.
Wandering Willow Handcrafted Native American style hand,log and pow-wow drums.
Wind's Song Flutes Handcrafted flutes, flute scales, extensive information about the instrument, and a forum.
Yahoo Groups: Native American Flute Musicsheet Discussion focused on playing, composing, and recording.
Flutetree Explores the history of the Native American flute with historical essays, songbooks, finger guides, scales, instruction, and how flutes are made and played.
Yahoo Club Native Woodworking Forum A private forum, for members only, on flute construction and related topics.
Native American Flute Forum Discusses the pentatonic scales and what constitutes this scale in minor and major modes.
Earth Spirit Partnership Gourd rattles and drums, including containers and flute stands. These are organically grown and crafted.
Mojave Drums Offering handmade drums, also provides weekend drum-making retreats.
Jean Herzel's Nature Spirit Art Original watercolors, hand painted drums and limited edition prints portraying the deeper relationships between nature, spirit and art. Commissions accepted.
Shamanic Art: Drums and rattles made in a traditional way.
Living Drums Hoop drums, ceremonial drums, rattles and beaters handmade and painted by local artists. Custom orders available. Suppliers of drum hoops and rawhide.
Native Echo Flutes Gallery of Native American style flutes hand crafted from exotic woods from around the world.
Shako:wi Cultural Center Rattles Exhibit Photographs and descriptions of turtle, horn, and deer toe rattles used by the Iroquois.
Big East Native Drums East coast native american hand drums. Fashioned from elk and buffalo hide, over white pine frames from the Finger Lakes region.
Cedar Mountain Drums Carrier of drums, rattles, flutes and various instruments. Also, drum-making workshops and weekly sessions. Special events planned monthly. On-line catalog.


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