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China tube guitar amp and effect pedal manufacturer

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KLD Guitar is a technical company, founded in 2001. Our products range includes all tube guitar amps (Class A tube amp and affordable Classic tube Amps), effect pedal, attenuator, assembled kits of tube guitar amp. All our amplifiers have passed through CE Certification. KLD Guitar is a young and open- minded company, continuously developing our products and improving our technology level nonstop.

Tube Guitar amplifier,effect pedal.power attenuator manufacturer kldguitar

Amplifier - Effect Pedal - Guitar - Guitar Amplifier - Home Recording Gear - Musical T-shirt - Tube

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Design and produce custom pedals based on tube technology; product details, FAQ and contact information.

China MI manufacture KLDguitar

Kldguitar is manufacture of musical instrument found in 2002. Our people worked in OEM company of marshall and VOX many years, so we have more experiences in guitar amp and effect pedal. We have built complicated QC and SCM system. These guarantee...

Hoffman Amplifiers

Tube amp parts, tube amplifier building supplies, books/videos about tube amps.


Manufacturer of guitar electronics; includes product details, on-line manuals, FAQ and news.

Salwender International

US distribution for Bogart Basses, Human Basses, Bassline, Diezel Guitar Amplification, Stoll Guitars, Tech Soundsystems, Teuffel Guitars, Tommy's Guitars, Fullers und Schlagwerk.

SansAmp GT2

Unofficial page with a dictionary of settings to achieve specific effects, official and submitted by users.

SansAmp PSA-1

Unofficial page with a dictionary of settings to achieve specific effects, official and submitted by users.

Tone King Amplifier Company

Manufacturer of vacuum-tube guitar amplifiers.

Runoff Groove

Features DIY (do-it-yourself) guitar effect pedals, with articles on selected effects schematics; includes sample mp3 clip.

Aiken Amplification

Manufacturer of tube guitar amps and attenuaters. In-depth technical database.

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