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Covers Yamaha Motif keyboard series: Yamaha Motif 6, Yamaha Motif 7, Yamaha Motif 8. Lots of Yamaha Motif synthesizer review information. Links to Yamaha Motif resources, free Yamaha Motif voices.

Yamaha Motif 6, Motif 7, Motif 8 Keyboards

Come find great resources, user reviews, links to free voices, and plugin boards for Yamaha Motif Keyboard workstations - Yamaha Motif 6, Yamaha Motif 7, and Yamaha Motif 8.

Motif 7 - Motif 8 - Motif Keyboard Workstation - Yamaha Motif 6

Yamaha Motif Resources Network Related


One man trance music producer from Denver, Colorado. Free downloads, biography and studio information.

Max Reger

Wikipedia article with biography, partial works list, links, and internal references to related people and topics.

The Unofficial Independent Yamaha QS300 Resources Site

Everything for the Yamaha QS300 synthesizer and XG, MIDI and music. Free downloads of voices, patterns, styles, programs and information related to the Yamaha QS300. Songs and cassified ads.

Contempory and vintage synthesizer patches, sampler floppies, and CD-ROMS for AKAI, Kurzweil, and Ensoniq hardware samplers, as well as PC and Mac software samplers.

Yamaha Musician

Offers unbiased reviews, news, and content about Yamaha keyboards, digital pianos, and more. our goal is to exceed our vistors' expectations with the very latest and most in-depth reviews of Yamaha products on the web. If you have any suggestions...

Yamaha Band and Orchestral Division

Starting point for trombone clinician biographies and Yamaha resources.

Japan Official Yamaha DJX Users Group

A Yamaha DJX Keyboard and DJ Box Users Group with forums, bulletin board, tips, support, technical information, links, downloads.

Electone Zone

Resources for the Yamaha Electone.

Yamaha Music School

Over 6,000,000 students around the world have studied at Yamaha Music Schools. The activities of Yamaha Music School graduates around the world are a testimony to the scope, appeal, and quality of the Yamaha method.

Yamaha Wind Instruments

Details of Yamaha's brass and woodwind product lines.

Related Music Tools

XG-Gold 3.00

XG-Gold is an XG Editor for all Yamaha XG Synthesizers & Modules (up to 16 parts supported). Furthermore, it supports the hidden QS voices of the DB50XG, SW60 and MU10 as well as the QS300 voices. You wont believe how powerful those little gears...

LanHunter 1.50

LanHunter makes it easy to search for files on your local network (LAN). When you use LanHunter, you can specify several search criteria. For example, you can search for files by name, date, size and text in a file. With a big number of details...

Disk Watchman 1.8

Disk Watchman is an application that monitors your hard, removable and mapped network drive resources. It displays free and used disk space on real-time basis. You will be able to see and/or notified by E-mail/ICQ/SMS/sound when your free disk...

OneManBand 10.1

Virtual arranger keyboard and style editor. Real time chord recognition. Converts any PC- or MIDI-keyboard into an arranger keyboard. Includes the most comprehensive style editor. Easy to use sequencing and karaoke tools. Allows you to use...

RadioRelay server 0.1.041207

RadioRelay server is designed for digital radio broadcasting via Local area network or Internet. Broadcasting is realized with using UDP network protocol in MPEG1 Layer 3 audio format. Users can play audio from this server with Winamp (using...

NATural IP SOHO 1.71

If your network or internet connection uses any of these... * Shared IP address * Network Address Translation (NAT) * a Firewall of some kind... then you have probably found that it causes problems with many kinds of Internet applications.You need...

Convert CD To MP3 4.0

Convert CD To MP3 rips audio CD tracks and saves them into audio formats such as mp3, wav, wma (Windows Media Audio), VQF (Yamaha SoundVQ), or OGG Vorbis, converts MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG Vorbis from one to another on-the-fly, resamples MP3 to MP3, WAV...

WinSWF Extractor 1.0

WinSWF Extractor helps you extract all the Images and Sounds resources from any Macromedia Flash movie file also known as SWF file (.swf file extension). Image resources are extracted as JPEG Image files. Sound resources are extracted as MP3 or...

Apple CD-R WMA DVD-Audio to APE Backup 1.2.21

Apple CD-R WMA DVD-Audio to APE Backup rips audio CD tracks and saves them into audio formats such as mp3, wav, wma (Windows Media Audio), VQF (Yamaha SoundVQ), or OGG Vorbis, converts MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG Vorbis from one to another on-the-fly,...

ProgDVB Remote 1.4.1b

ProgDVB Remote allow control your ProgDVB from your PocketPC.ProgDVB Remote consist of two parts: - ProgDVB pluging - server - ProgDVB Remote for PocketPC - clientProgDVB pluging is pluging, witch load with ProgDVB Software. It receive command...


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