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MIDI music equipment - analog synthesizers and drum machines and a MIDI to CV converter

JoMoX - musical equipment

Adsr - Airbase99 - Analog - Bandpassfilter - Converter - Cv-gate - Drumcomputer - Drummachine - Effectunit - Effektgerät - Electro - Elektronisch - Experimentell - Faderbox - Filterbank - Hardware - Hüllkurve - Jazbase03 - Jürgen Michaelis - Keyboards - Klangfilter - Klangformung - Klangforschung - Lfo - M-resonator

JoMoX Related

Phil Rees Music Tech MIDI to CV

A UK manufacturer of electronic musical accessories including interfaces for classic analog synths.

Modular Analog Music Synthesizers and keyboards that are low cost with a classic Moog look

Modular Analog Music Synthesizers and keyboards that are low cost with a classic Moog look.

Frostwave Analog Effects

Quad Midi to CV plus.

Analogue Solutions

Models and prices for MIDI-CV, DCB, Wasp, Trigger converters.

Forbidden Fruit Guitars

Paul Norman, Luthier. Maker of fine custom wooden-bodied resonator guitars.

Jörg Schmitz Analog Synthesizers

German engineer offers schematics and turorials for a variety of analog synthesizers, with pictures of do-it-yourself models he has assembled, and linkes on microcontrollers and audio music technology.

Arrick Robotics makes large synthesizer systems with analog circuitry including oscillators, filters and sequencer modules with wood, portable, and rack mounting options. FAQ, technical specifications.

Modcan Modular Synthesizers

Modcan Synthesizers produces a wide range of analogue synthesizer modules for the electronic musician and sound designer.

Clinesmith Resonator Guitars

Todd Clinesmith solid-wood, custom built, resonator guitars. (Dobros)

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