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Alesis Synthesizer Resources

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The QuadraSynth Pages at MidiWorld. Resources, support, file downloads, sounds, programs, for all Alesis synths. User Forum and Mailing List, FAQ and tutorials, it's all there.

The QuadraSynth Pages

The QuadraSynth Pages, unofficial home of Alesis synthesizers. Info, files, resources, support.

Alesis Synth - Alesis Synthesizer - Midiworld - Nanobass - Nanopiano - Nanosynth - Plus Piano - Qcard - Qe2.0 Editor - Qs - Qs Editor - Qs6 - Qs7 - Qs8 - Quadracard - Quadrasynth - Quadrasynth Editor - S4 - Soundbridge

Alesis Synthesizer Resources Related


Programs available include an all-purpose modular MIDI processor, a sysex editor/librarian for the QuadraSynth, and a freeware librarian for the EMU Morpheus synthesizer.


Graphical MIDI patch editor and librarian that stores, organizes, and edits system exclusive data for MIDI devices.

Sam's Alesis Page

Custom piano patches for the QS8


Free universal editor / librarian for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Hart Dynamics, Inc.

Electronic drumsets, accessories, conversion kits, and speaker systems. Based in Destin, Florida.


Music Synthesizer Editing Software for Alesis, Korg, Roland, Waldorf, Behringer.

Sound Tower

Music Synthesizer Editing Software for Alesis, Korg, Waldorf, and Behringer.

Kurzweil Synthesizer Resources

Resources for users of Kurzweil synthesizers and samplers.

Korg Wavestation Information

Korg Wavestation synthesizer; EX, AD and SR. Information on latest ROM revisions, programming tips, sounds, editors, and links.

Infusion Systems

Makers of the I-CubeX MIDI sensor control interface

Related Music Tools


midiCTRL - VST based MIDI Controller/Editor. Allows you to remotely modify and automate ALL program parameters of Alesis Micron (Ion). Created for easy work with these products. Tested at most popular music editors, where midiCTRL showed excellent...

Text To Speech Synthesizer 5.0

Speech Synthesizer is a great Text To Voice Synthesizer for Children to learn English Speaking & Vocabulary. Speech Synthesizer 5.0 is a powerful text to voice converting application that is extremely useful for converting all types of text to...

VizualSynth 1.00

VizualSynth is a synthesizer, it+o?Z?Zs not a toy and you can make music with it, just as you would with any other VST instrument. You can also use it as a stand-alone instrument connected to a MIDI keyboard or sequencer and it will respond to...

Fatsondo for Windows 2.0

The Fatsondo MIDI Synthesizer is a plugin (AU), which has been tailored made for the creation of fat sounds. In addition, it has a built-in chorus, flanger, stereo delay, evolution editing, comes with 64 factory patches and a 17 page manual (Adobe...

FilterSynth 1.00

FilterSynth is a VSTi synthesizer. You can also use it as a stand-alone instrument connected to a MIDI keyboard or sequencer and it will respond to the full range of MIDI commands.

SigmaTizm 1.1

SigmaTizm is a virtual additive synthesizer instrument designed for live play. It can be controlled via the computer keyboard or with an external MIDI device and can also be used to control external MIDI devices. SigmaTizm featues 128 harmonic...

Voxynth Mac 2.0.2

Voxynth is a synthesizer (AU), which can be used to create vocal sounds or synthetic choirs. In addition, the MIDI synth has a stereo delay and comes with 64 factory patches and a manual (Adobe Acrobat). Voxynth has 3 oscillators per voice, pitch...


Crazy sounds modulator & generator.

RSVP 1.5.1

A software emulation of a vintage polyphonic music synthesizer. Combining the power of a modern PC with the synthesis and sampling functions of the Creative Labs AWE32 and AWE64 soundcards, RSVP creates a low latency, polyphonic virtual...

Neural Noise Synthesizer 1.2

Neural Noise Synthesizer (NNS) presents an entirely new way to use noise. NNS generates noise that is specially structured to stimulate the brainwaves of the listener. Neural Noise Synthesizer can be useful for inducing hypnosis, deep sleep, lucid...


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