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Native Instruments Maschine Educational Create tight rhythms, harmonies and melodies in moments with MASCHINE - the highly enjoyable instrument that combines a pattern-based sequencer, professional sampler, multi-effect unit and VST/AU plug-in host.

Why do we recommend Jupiter brand musical instruments? Jupiter is recognized worldwide as a manufacturer of high quality musical instruments.
Music Lessons Instruments What instruments do you teach? Most of the popular ones; vocals, piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, clarinet, saxophone, flute, trumpet, trombone, violin. Depending on teacher availability we can even help you with some less-common instruments...
How to Play Guitar Have you always wanted to learn to play guitar but don't know where or how to start doing it? Or have always imagined yourself jamming around with your buddies and playing along with your favorite tunes?Learning to play the guitar should be a fun...
Elizabeth School of Music We have the most affordable rates in Miami and we are very family oriented. We can teach private lessons to all ages four and up. Group lessons are also available, and your family is more than welcome to stay during the lessons. The Lessons are...
Drummers Wanted Drummers Wanted! We are a FREE Online Drumming Community that is here to allow drummers to share their passion, tips, tricks and experiences with other drummers through a Social Network.
Guitar World Guitar World magazine features interviews, online lessons, celebrity sound files, onscreen tablature, product reviews, random chatter and more.
Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts is dedicated to helping learners of all cultural, ethnic, social, and language backgrounds fulfill their potential for creative artistic expression. While its main focus is developing artistic potential in the...
Musician Mania In today’s music world, musicians have far more choices of equipment than they did even ten years ago and you can bet there will be more equipment available in the future. Musician Mania is geared to help point people in the right direction. Our...
Music Virtuosity Music Virtuosity's Videofree guitar video lessons in our Video Lessons Theater Lessons Theater provides free guitar video lessons from professional guitar instructors. Music Virtuosity is probably best known for the live, online webcam music... Features music theory articles, forum, lessons in technique, advice and music instruction from professional musicians. Topics include ear training, improvisation, and rhythm.
Satisfied Mind Features directions for making various instruments including a banjo, dulcimer, thumb piano and drum. Also provides basic instruction for learning to play. By musician and educator Carol Raedy.


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