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When you need PROFESSIONAL music engraving

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When you want your car fixed right, do you call the guy down the street that does it in his spare time, or do you call the professionals that do it for a living? When you want a quality headshot for your press kit, do you call a local kid with a new camera or do you call a professional photographer that has a portfolio full of headshots used by successful musicians?

Music Engraving, Music Typesetting, Music Transcribing | Lyralinda Music

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When you need PROFESSIONAL music engraving Related

SB Music Engraving

SB Music Engraving offers a complete service from initial drafts and proofing through to the professional printing of attractive bound volumes ready for the music stand.

ProScore Music Engraving

ProScore Music Engraving has been a provider of highest quality professional music engravements to the American music publishing industry for over 25 years using Make Music's Finale Notation Software and, more recently, the acclaimed Sibelius by...

Global Music Engraving

I'm a professional musicologist and philosopher from Krakow. Being an experienced freelance music engraver I have a pleasure to offer my services in the field of music engraving and editing.

ProScore Music Engraving

ProScore MUsic Engraving has been a provider of highest quality professional music engravements.

Notecraft Music Engravers

Includes information about the company, customers, industry news, and links. Located in Boston, Massachusetts.

SB Music Engraving

Good music engraving requires a profound understanding of music notation, of composition and performance, coupled with the skills of a graphic artist.

About Music Engraving

Because moveable type was unable to duplicate many of the details of hand-written manuscripts, more elaborate methods of printing music were adopted. Engraving was the next technique used to print music. The basic process of engraving was to plan...

Giuliano Forghieri Music Engraving.

Music engraving using Finale software. Collaborations, samples, and services.

Music engraving

The Art of Music typesetting, music copying and music engraving services, based in Dunblane, Scotland.

Dolce Music Service offers quality music engraving for projects of all shapes and sizes

Our music engraving services are available in the US as well as worldwide. We take your handwritten score and turn it into a professional looking, publisher and performer ready, computer engraved score. Music engraving services are performed by...

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Create professional quality midi music without a keyboard. Studio One supports features found in sequencer costing thousands of dollars including modulation, volume and panning effects. Studio One also offers DLS supports which allows adding...

Sound Effects Player 1.1

Sound Effect Player [SEP] isnt a professional music tool. But it is very easy to use. In Party, you can use it to build any magic effects as a professional DJ. Now the newest version is able to mix 20 music or sounds. And every sound is able to...

123 MP3 Recorder 2.0

All Recorder turns your computer into a professional music studio. With All Recorder, you can record sound from microphone, line-in audio , streaming audio from the Internet, or music played by Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real...

MusiFind Pro 4.01

Music collection management for home enthusiasts and professional DJs. Simple, clear, easy-to-use interface. Import data automatically from our Internet Database or 9 other sources. Fields for all common music-related data and customizable for...

MTR MusicTagReporter 1.2

MTR MusicTagReporter is is a free, easy-to-use and powerful music HTML report builder. You may create professional HTML reports from your music files by one click! With the help of the program you can make the professional report of your musical...

Podsafe Music and Audio Elements Stings 1

This free audio pack from Royalty Free Music Library contains 8 Stings. Music Stings are ideal for Podcasts and can used effectively to create an introduction or ending to your show and separate your chapters to give your Podcast a...

RecordPad Professional Edition 5.35

RecordPad Professional Sound Recording Software is a free and simple recording software for Windows. RecordPad Professional is ideal for recording audio for use in digital presentations and projects. The size of the installation is small and...

Audio Dementia 1.0

The features of Audio Dementia help to make it a more intuitive and simple to learn program. It can benefit both amateur and professional musicians in creating professional and sophisticated sounding music. Audio Dementia's use of visual cues is...

Web Radio Professional 2.92

Web Radio Professional is a useful and unique program which includes high quality internet radio stations that allow users to choose their favourite tracks. They can create their own playlists and search for music. Worldwide radio stations and...

Noise Station 1.20

Noise Station is music creation software. A synthesizer and sequencer, the software is an advanced system for creating professional music with no other equipment needed. Noise station was designed to produce high quality music on any PC by...


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