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The Musical Brain

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Explains the brain's reaction to music in terms suitable for both children and scholars. Brightly colored illustrations, bibliography.

Neuroscience for Kids - The Musical Brain

Brain involvement with music

Brain - Memory - Mozart Effect - Music - Nervous System - Neuron - Piano - Temporal Lobe

The Musical Brain Related

M.I.N.D. Institute

Home page of the Music Intelligence Neural Development Institute, exploring music as a window into higher brain function. Research into the Mozart Effect, music and math education.

Brain of P.J.

Band and album info. Explains where to find all the hidden Yield signs in the liner notes to the album Yield.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Brief biography, portrait, evaluation of his talent, and recommended CDs and videos.

Brain Grenade Entertainment LLC - Music Production and Consulting

Brain Grenade Entertainment LLC (BGE) is a revolutionary music enterprise for the independent musician, specializing in production, promotion, marketing and branding. BGE creates the blueprints for a self-sustaining life in the arts, and has...

Mozart Effect Resource Center

Sales of books, CDs, and seminars.

Kunst der Fuge | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

List of all the fugues and Bach transcriptions. Portrait, MIDI files, and WMA/MP3 files from featured artists.


Releases of French Horn performances.

Brain entrainment - Self improvement mp3

The Wellness Audio Health series of albums use the power of your own brain to accomplish health-related goals. From help with stress relief to boosting your immune system, this series offers a number of important potential health benefits.

Axon Neuron

German industrial band. Includes discography, news, links, and ordering information.

E! Online News: Harrison's Latest Cancer Scare

Reporting George is battling brain cancer and receiving Cobalt-Radiation therapy at the Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland.

Related Music Tools

Jay Brain 1.2

This freeware application has a unique pluggable system based on the neuronal idea that the core of the application, called "brain", has its functionality extended by the so called "cells" and "tissues". Interface...

TinnitusTamer for Mac 3.0.4

The Tinnitus Tamer uses sequences of special tones and silent periods to retrain the neural networks in the auditory system of the brain to weaken, and ultimately eliminate, the positive feedback loop that creates the Tinnitus sound. Thus, the...

Gnaural for Linux 1.0

Gnaural is a multi-platform programmable binaural-beat generator, implementing the principle of binaural beats as described in the October 1973 Scientific American article "Auditory Beats in the Brain" (Gerald Oster). There has been...

Musical Note Tuner 1.0

Musical Note Tuner will replace your old guitar tuner. Just play any note on your guitar, and Musical Note Tuner will use your computer's microphone to display what note you are playing, and how close you are to hitting that precise note. When you...

MindExplorer SW 3.6

Audio-visual stimulation software, AudioStrobe compatible (able to control light goggles).MindExplorer SW allows to create, edit and perform light & sound (brain entrainment) sessions on a PC.MindExplorer SW transforms your PC into a powerful and...

FlexiMusic Sound Generator Dec2010

FlexiMusic Sound Generator is a unique sound creator to create your own different sounds. If you want to create un common sounds, then you will like FlexiMusic Sound Generator. You can use it to produce robotic/synthetic voice from your own...

Click MusicalKeys 3.21

Click MusicalKEYS is a free onscreen MIDI musical keyboard. With 127 different instruments, you can play the best music of your choice. Click MusicalKEYS can record your favorite tunes to a file so that you can play them later or can send it to...

Delay Time Calculator 1

Delay Time Calculator is what its name implies, a simple yet useful tools for converting units of musical time into milliseconds for use in digital devices such as delay boxes. The most popular use would be setting delays that follow the beat of...

MIDIView 1.1

MIDIView is a utility to aid in previewing and printing MIDI files in musical notation.MIDIView is a lightweight and easy-to-use utility for previewing and printing MIDI filesin musical notation. This helps to improve your musical hearing. It's...

Guitar Tuning Tester 2006.07

This is musical tone sound generator for guitar tuning and quality testing. User can get sound of 37 musical tones. These tones can help you test guitar tune quality. There is volume control in this program. Unregistred version work with little...


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