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The Violinist's Guide to the Alexander Technique

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A professional violinist and Alexander teacher explains how the Technique can help with tension and performance issues.

The Violinist\'

The Violinist\'s Guide to the Alexander Technique

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The Violinist's Guide to the Alexander Technique Related

Singers, Singing Teachers and the Alexander Technique

One singer's experience with the Alexander Technique, and how it helped her singing and her teaching.

Musicians and The Alexander Technique

Background information and a large directory of articles.

Alexander Technique for Musicians

Articles and links to resources on the Alexander Technique for musicians. Especially beneficial for musicians dealing with excessive stress, injury, or pain. The Alexander Technique is a remarkably-effective means for changing tension habits and...

Alexander Technique for Musicians

The Alexander Technique is a remarkably-effective means for changing tension habits and improving coordination. The Technique can be especially beneficial for musicians dealing with excessive stress, injury, or pain and for musicians wanting to...

Posture Knowledge

An introduction to vocal health, posture and the Alexander Technique.

The Violin Site - The Alexander Technique

Avoiding musicians' injuries with this method.

Pianomap - Alexander Technique

A short description of the Technique and how it can be applied to piano playing.

Playing the Piano with Alexander

A pianist explains how the Alexander Technique helps improve piano playing performance.

Working with Musicians and the Alexander Technique

An teacher explains how she uses this method to help musicians who are in pain or who want to improve their performance skills.

The Whole Guitarist

Advice for guitar players, informed by the principles of the Alexander Technique

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