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Offbeat Network Official site of the Offbeat Turntable Mechanics.

Deceptikonz This site provides individual profiles of the Deceptikonz Crew. Sound files and updates are posted on a regular basis.
Backspin The unofficial Technics 1200 turntables site with online service manuals and forum.
Sqratch Attack Includes beats, software, store, and articles about turntablism.
DJ Domination The official homepage of DJ Domination.
Cirkutry Turntablism related information including skratch tutorials, graffiti and other general hip-hop information.
Stanton Magnetics Inc. Visit our Press Area, DJ Workshop, & Message Boards. Learn about new products and discuss turntablism with others.
DJ MarWax Turntablism information, DJ equipment, mixers, turntables, and cartridges, reviews, news and Mp3s.
DJ Swamp DJ Swamp's official website with performance dates, bio and online store.
Noisy Stylus Turntablist Crew The Noisy Stylus Crew from Cologne, Germany offering crew news and updates, scratching audio and video downloads, links and a picture gallery. Featuring San Francisco DJ resources, including a listing of upcoming music events, Bay Area record stores, a Hip Hop BPM Database, and streaming audio turntable experiments.
Scratch.DK Hip Hop and Turntablism site. Interviews, News, Dj Battles, Skratch files. In Dansk and English.
Infallible Crew Infallible Crew documenting their mission of turntablism, skateboarding, film and video making and jokes.
Dis Defense Disc Official Dis Defense Disc WebSite
Styluswars - An online E-Zine dedicated to Turntablism Home of the Turntable Lounge Show, an exclusive webcast video show dedicated to Turntablism. Also featuring interviews, audio files, and the Styluswars co-operative record label.
Battle Sounds Documentary Site about the documentary "Battle Sounds," documenting the history of the battle/skratch dj, also includes the Carluccio method for turntable transcription.
Statik Recordings The official web site of Dj Bonez. Features battle records, chat rooms, scratch albums, and RealAudio scratch files.
Beat Junkies The Beat Junkies home. Features crew bios, media, forums, and show dates.
SkratchCon A large turntablist community message board system.
Phader Pilots Mission Control The Phader Pilots are a funky Breaks Crew that incorporate turntablistic tricks.
rocketfaders rocketfaders - italian turntablists crew All about mixers, turntables, samplers, cartridges, juggling, scratching, drumming, Mp3s, and artists. Kid Koala's official site - a Canadian artist on Ninja Tune records.


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