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Composer for theatre, film and animation Joelysa Pankanea is an experienced composer widely known for her minimalist, whimsical, and cinematic style. Her work has earned her multiple awards and nominations including a Leo nomination in 2011 for her score for a dramatic short. Visit...

Robert Abate Composition Robert Abate Music is your convenient website for custom musical arrangements, commissioned original composition, song writing, stereo panned audio files for recording or performance, guitar or music theory lessons and Robert Abate...
How to Compose Music Welcome to Art of Composing. Whether you are a brand new composer, looking to learn the basics, a seasoned composer wishing to brush up on some theory, and get some new ideas about how to compose, or a songwriter wanting to understand some deeper...
Music, Composition and Theory Welcome at my website. My first name is Rowy. I'm a composer and I used to teach music theory and composition to advanced students.
Music Composition Musical composition is that golden moment when your piece of music is felt complete , as a living being.
The Music Composition Blog The 2014 Society of Composers National Conference took place March 20-22 at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. It featured three days of concerts and paper sessions in Sursa Performance Hall by select composers from across the US.
Music Composition Learn to express yourself musically. Whether you've studied music formally or are a music fan who has always wanted to learn to write, ACM's composition class is for you.
New Music Composition Welcome to New Music Composition, the independent on-line community for anyone interested in the continuing evolution of contemporary art music and twenty-first century classical composers.
Resources for Teaching Music Composition Here are some quality music lesson plans for teaching music composition - a great free music lesson idea for creating a commercial jingle in class.
Music Composition Probably you have been trying to compose your own music for a long time to no avail, may be you want to make singing your career, or you wonder how big artists compose and come up with their music.
Music composition Music composition techniques provide a composer with the fundamental skills necessary to learn how to bring musical ideas to reality.
Composition NEC's Composition faculty emphasize a highly diverse and individual approach to music composition in combination with a thorough and broad-based program of technical and theoretical studies. Our goal is to give you the technical tools and formal...
Music Composition within a team Composers, musicians, songwriters, DJ's, companies in the marketplace of music production who want to increase their website traffic, e.g. publishing companies, musical instrument producers, etc.
Music Composition Tom Disher is a multi-award winning Californian composer. He has scored more than 30 films and hundreds of commercials, trailers, video games, etc.
Music Composition Education This informational page currently provides some notes on music composition education in general, and what categories of music composition education there are.
New Music Composition New Music Composition offers both a platform and a meeting place for composers, performers and supporters of contemporary art music. At its heart is a commitment to the evolution of "classical" music as a living, breathing art in the twenty-first...
Summer Composition Institute Beginning in the summer of 2012, the Harvard University Music Departmentís Summer Composition Institute has hosted its International Summer Residency for Composers of New Music.
About the Composition Program The Composition Program is among the most vibrant and progressive in the country, featuring internationally recognized faculty members who are regularly performed by top orchestras, chamber ensembles, and soloists throughout the world.
Why original music composition is vital for new media ? Do you remember the opening of "2001 - A Space Odissey" ? Or "The Walkyrie" scene in "Apocalypse Now" ? Could you sing a song from the "Pulp Fiction" soundtrack ? Most of you will say yes at least to one of these questions.
Music composition Music composition net is a place where you can commission original music composition for any event or occasion.
Free Music Composition Lesson Here you will find links to all of the music composition lessons on the site. You can, of course, begin with any topic that looks interesting to you.
The Creative Processes of Music Composition The Creative Processes of Music Composition is a website designed to serve as a music resource and instructional tool to provide up-to-date information on research and study of the creative processes involved in music composition.
Music composition Music composition net is a place where you can commission original music composition for any event or occasion.
Musical Terminology: Types of Musical Composition If you have studied or listened to piano pieces, you have probably run into different types of words that are used to describe a piece of music. Preludes, Nocturnes, and Etudes are just a subset of the many different types of musical composition.
Music Composition Lessons, Courses, and Academic Programs The process of learning music composition can include various educational forms. You can choose lessons, private or online, you can participate in a variety of courses, also local or online, and you can choose to participate in any number of...
Sisterbleach Melbourne-based lounge-rockers who combine sultry grooves with atmospheric guitars and soulful laments. Their live shows, fed by their improvisational approach to music, made the Grateful Dead different from most other touring bands. While most...
ProRec Offering information resources for the recording professional focusing on digital audio workstations.
David Lambert David Lambert is one of the little known, best kept secrets of the upstate of South Carolina. Not a Novice to the singer/songwriter scene, David is a veteran of the acoustic guitar and its craft, possessing a unique playing and writing style of...
Jack Gallagher JACK GALLAGHER is the Olive Williams Kettering Professor of Music at The College of Wooster (Ohio) where he teaches composition, orchestration, music theory, and trumpet. He holds doctoral and masters degrees in composition from Cornell University...
A Practical Guide to Musical Composition Contents of the book by Alan Belkin.


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