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Mozart, Leopold (1719 - 1787), Austria

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Biographical data, recommended CDs, books and sheet music, bibliography, and links to biographical essays.

Mozart, Leopold

This page contains basic and accurate biographical information and links to essays about the Baroque composer Mozart.

Baroque Music - Composer - Composers - Leopold Mozart - Mozart

Mozart, Leopold (1719 - 1787), Austria Related

Leopold Mozart (1719-1787)

Brief biographical sketch, caricature, summary of his orchestral music, and Naxos discography.

4th International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart

The International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart, which takes place every four years in Augsburg/Germany, belongs to the established violin competitions of the world. Wolfgand Amadeus Mozart Educational Fan Page

Includes a biography, images, list of the composers works, MIDI audio files, links, and message boards.

Leopold Mozart (1719-1787)

Karadar Dictionary entry with his life, both as composer and as father of Wolfgang Amadeus. Includes related composers and summary of writings and works.

Mozart lives! A page to celebrate, and spread the word about, W. A. Mozart.

A fan-site. It has a section of art, letters from Mozart, quotes, and information.

Nancy November: A French Edition of Leopold Mozart's Violinschule(1756)

A French Edition of Leopold Mozart's Violinschule (1756)

A Visit to Maria Anna Thekla Mozart - Wolfgang's Bäsle

An account of the cousin of the composer, written in the first person in German and English versions.

Welcome to Mozart's Guided Tour

Life, times, and music of Mozart as if he were the tour guide. Photos, MP3s, list of works by Kochel number and copies of his letters are included. Optional Flash introduction.

The Mozart Page

Sequences prepared by various artists, illustrated biography, links to other composers from Midiworld.

Kunst der Fuge | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

List of all the fugues and Bach transcriptions. Portrait, MIDI files, and WMA/MP3 files from featured artists.

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