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Classic Cat: George Gershwin

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Biographical material, links, and directory of MP3 audio files.

The George Gershwin Mp3 Page -- Classic Cat

Links to free Gershwin Music on the internet

George - Gershwin - Mp3

Classic Cat: George Gershwin Related

George and Ira Gershwin

Official site. Celebrating and archiving the lives of the brothers with history, timeline, references, anthology of selected films and shows, sound clips by noted artists, jukebox, and events. [Requires Flash.]

Gershwin Fan

Biography divided into major periods of his life, including childhood, early career, Rhapsody in Blue, Broadway, Hollywood, and influences on later music.

Encyclopedia: George Gershwin

Contains an article that includes a sketch about his brother Ira and a bibliography.

Record Hall: George Gershwin

An analytical biography describing his works and style.

All About Summertime of George Gershwin

Lyrics, sheet music, and cover list.

George Gershwin: American Genius

A biography featuring information about his collaboration with Dubose Heyward on the opera Porgy and Bess, photograph, and audio samples.

Famous Classical Composers: George Gershwin

Details the early life of this classical and jazz composer.

Ella Swings Gently - The Ella Fitzgerald Pages

Includes biographies of Ella as well as collaborators Norman Granz and Nelson Riddle.

Al Levy's Music: George Gershwin

MIDI files of his preludes, rhapsodies, and opera Porgy and Bess.

Kingston Grenadiers Ontario, Ca.

The music of George Gershwin is the theme for 2002. Member info, event schedule, contact information are readily available.

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