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Ensemble Clazzic

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Four musicians with the audacity to cross the borders between musical genres. A quartet that dares to bridge the gap between baroque music and jazz and is dedicated to the concept of "crossover", that seduces with Johann Sebastian Bach and bewitches with the magic of jazz, offering the public its extravagant programs with the highest passion.

Ensemble Clazzic

This crossover ensemble brings together classical jazz musicians, jazz-playing classic players and classical musicians.

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Clone Ensemble for DirectX 4.2a

In terms of music, Clone Ensemble for DirectX 4.2a is an ideal tool. This program is the plug-in for making solo voices and instruments sound like an ensemble.

Flex FX Mac 2.0.2

The Flex FX AU plugin package contains 6 different effect plugins, the Amplitude Modulator, the Chaotic Lowpass Filter, the Chaotic Highpass Filter, the Ensemble effect, the Stereo Feedback Delay and the Fat Resonator. Each effect can be used as...

Flex FX 2.0.3

Flex FX contains 7 different vst plugins, the Amplitude Modulator, Chaotic Lowpass Filter, Chaotic Highpass Filter, Ensemble effect, Stereo Feedback Delay, Ultra Feedback Flanger and Fat Resonator.

Blue Cat's Chorus 3.2

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Intelliscore WAV to MIDI Converter 7.2

IntelliScore Polyphonic helps you transcribe music by converting single instrument CD audio, WAV, MP3, and WMA to MIDI (.mid) files containing the notes played, chord names, and key. Then you can take those MIDI files and do things that are...

Syntheway Strings VSTi 2.5

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